Monday, July 02, 2012

crazy weekend!

"What a weekend" continue ... from a surprised to SCARED!

I was lying in bed last night chatting to a friend on facebook, a worried Dog Lost message (LOST: Tri Colour Sheltie Female In South East RH12) pop up on a sheltie friend Nicola King's page that alert me to take a look. WHAT? The lost dog is Sing x Sunny puppy Savannah! What the heck? Why hasn't her owner informed/contact me? I hate to find out from a third party! I called Chantal immediately to find out about it and that was 11:00pm! I guess she is embarrassed and scared to call me?

I am sure you know how I feel all night. I couldn't sleep and my mind was busy ticking "what to do". I know that is no point going to look for her then as it was pitch dark and trying to find a "black" dog in the dark and in the area that I am not familiar at all. Colin suggested we tried to get a couple of hours of sleep, wake up at 4am and drive there. 

I was up all night printing the Dog Lost poster until the ink dry out. Tried to email everybody in my contacts, asking them to share the news, in the hope that friends that live around the area can help searching for her. I have not done any formal searching for a lost dog before, so I don't really know what to do but I think if we can get as many manpower as possible, that will certainly help looking out for her in all directions possible.

We got to Leechpool Woods where she got lost at around 5:20am. There is not a single soul in the woods, I tried calling her name and wander around with Sonic aimlessly for 10 minutes. Colin suggested we should drive around the surrounding housing areas. That make sense. I guess she must be trying to find her way to civilisation looking for food. We saw a few people while driving around but no one has seen a dog. 

We drove and drove and drove, with no directions ... everytime I saw a black animal jump out of the road (mainly black bird), I panic and became very jumpy. Colin teased me to say a dog is much bigger than a bird but I know in my mind, anything that flash by, I will not want to risk a chance.

At that time, we still have not met up with Chantal as I told her to go and search for her and we will do our searching. She told me she was around Hampers Lane where she last seen her. We drove passed her car but we carried on ...  I knew I was getting further and further from where she was last seen but Colin and I worked out that if we can try to circle around the outside of the woods, hopefully we might see her. As I was driving down Forest Road ... I suddenly spotted a black dog, a sheltie. I've just stopped the car in the middle of the road and ran out of the car. Savannah saw me but she took a pause. I called her name, she look unsure, so I quickly change to my common but unique way of "puppy puppy puppy ...". Just that split second, she RAN and JUMP into my arm. I can't tell you how happy I was and how relief I was. Savannah was crying when I picked her up, when I let her jump into the car, she saw Sonic who she adores, she cried even louder!  

Of course, I quickly rang Chantal to let her know I've got her and she is safely in my car. I can hear over the phone, she was crying! Well, that was a Happy Ending!

I didn't expect to find her that easy and quickly, it was 6:25am. We've been only out for an hour looking for her. I was glad I continue as I was nearly gave up driving further and aimlessly. I've got friends that say they can't believe I caught a lost sheltie so quickly and easily. I can understand why, normally a sheltie, a lost sheltie will be very timid/nervous/panic and you won't be able to get near them but I bred Savannah and I always have a good relationship with my puppies. I used to see Savannah every Thursday when I went training at Pachesham, I stopped going there a few months ago but I am glad Savannah remembered me. That makes catching her easier :)

Well, my poor shelties were dump at home this morning as we left. It's difficult to take all of them. Sipzie is still in full heat, boys won't leave her alone. Is either I take all the boys and leave her or take her and leave the boys ... I've decided to take her and put her in the crate in the car and take Sonic as a trap, as Savannah loves him. The boys stay at home. I think it is hard to take all of them as they walk different speed and we don't know how long this searching will be and poor old Sing and old Seagull can't cope with long walk anymore. Thank God, we were home by 8:30am.

I am exhausted! Physically I am ok but mentally not!

Good thing is Savannah is un-harm, no injury, I've checked her all over, she looks like she is top condition. Apart from a bit wet underneath which is normal. She is very tired though. Poor girl. 


Rhoda said...

What a scare - both Savannah being lost and the pond on the common :( I'm so glad that she has been found now! Silky and Brooke are so identical apart from their colour!!

Vonnie said...

OMG it's a small world! I cross-posted that from Facebook via Carol Bishop (it was on a dogs lost page) and Nikki cross-posted from my wall! Just show's FB does have positive outlook too! So so so glad you found her Lian, as you knew her made it so much easier to catch a Sheltie x

Diana said...

Thank goodness you found her.

corbinwooten said...

I am so so happy to hear that you found Savannah!

What a great story--and I love a happy ending.

Sara said...

I'm so glad this story had a happy ending. Proof that you should start teaching recall skills from a very early age like you did. Poor thing must have been scared.

Chris and Ricky said...

Such a relief that you found her so quickly and she was ok!