Thursday, July 05, 2012

Sonic agility update ... Obstacle Discrimination

Life is back to its crazy self again. I was drifted in and out of sleep for a couple of days after finding Savannah. I have crazy dreams every night, not necessary bad but it's just crazy. Last night, I dream that Sonic has turned into bi-black, maybe there is a bit of tan on his face, I am not sure. I woken up sweaty and tried to find him to check if he is his sable-self. Phew! I am not sure if I am longing for a bi-black for so long (close friends that knew me well know my love for bi-black); or I am still in the post Savannah stressed!

Also, suddenly, the viewers are flooding back again. I am not complaining about this but the stressed of getting the house neat and tidy all the time is hard with six shelties chose to moult at the same time! I can't imagine how many times I have to hoover the house when there is a family coming to see the house. Get the dogs in the car with Sipzie in season! Ha! That's brilliant! Tried to spray some nice lavender or citrus spray to get the odor away. Whenever there is a bitch in season, the house smell. I sometimes wonder if I over do it?

Other than that, we have to seriously get into packing again. We got a few removal companies to come to give us some quotes, when the see the agility equipment in the garden, they shake their head. I didn't realised that I have almost a full set of equipment! When I show them the loft that is full of dog toys, dog beds, dog crates, rosettes, trophies ... they nearly fainted! They can't imagine a couple can have so many stuff and 2/3 are dog stuff! Oh well!

After the family with children trying to play with my agility equipment, jumping off the DW and run up the AF and then hit my V Weave. I now put the equipment away. It is a lot of hassle to set the equipment up all the time and I have not train Sonic for over a week! He is crazy! He loves his Agility and he wants to do Agility. We break up from training now, Leah is going to have her baby, anytime now, I guess. We won't be going back until September; by that time, we are probably in the new house and I am looking for a new club to train.

I left the contacts as it is in the garden, they are too big to put away anyway and they are tuck into each corner of the garden, so it's ok. I decided to practice "obstacle discrimination" with Sonic. I taught him the difference between a tunnel and a DW. I thought that is the most common obstacle discrimination that you can get in a course. I taught him and left it. I realised that if I teach him something and keep going back to do it again and again, he only just got confused. If I were to leave it, he picked it up better, just like the pull through. I was really amazed how well he learned the pull through after leaving that for 4 days and go back to do the pull through. 

This is Sonic doing tunnel/DW obstacle discrimination this evening:


Chris and Ricky said...

Fantastic!! I love how excited he is to do agility and how well he did with the discrimination!

Vonnie said...

Clever boy :) Oh you must going crazy with all that's going on!

Diana said...

Maybe you can just put a sign in the garden that says , please stay off agility equipment.