Sunday, July 01, 2012

what a weekend!

We have a lovely weekend, the weather was kind and we thoroughly enjoyed having Silky & Coco coming over with their mummy and daddy yesterday. I woke up 6am to drizzle and cloudy and dull weather; then 8am, it pour and created a few puddles. Half an hour later, it was bright sunny and beautiful blue sky with lovely breeze in between.

Silky & Coco arrived late morning and we played agility in the garden, chat, snack lunch, then followed by a walk in the Common. 

Silky is very bright and ball motivated, it makes teaching her to look ahead a lot easier and fun 

... and she is always energetic and enthusiatic
 I believe I can FLY :)

and Coco have a go as well, she surprised her mummy what a clever girl she is, apart from being a Top Sheltie Model, she is fast and keen in Agility too!

and Silky takes on daddy's ball skill, a typical Sing baby! I was really amazed her catching ball style is just identical to Sing's.
 and a very proud daddy with his beautiful talented daughter, they even sharing the same smile :)

as usual, group photo!

Yesterday, while we were walking in the Common with Silky & Coco, we took them to 7 Islands Pond and we saw two dead geese :( I was feeling a bit uneasy about it. Just before we went out walking, our neighbours two doors down came to tell me she lost her dog on Tuesday night. She was drowned in this pond! Now, seeing these two dead geese ... I beginning to wonder if somebody trying to poison the animals. I wasn't sure if the "suspect Algae" killed the geese and the dog. I posted that on the facebook and had comment saying algae will not kill the geese. I am pretty much believe so because Algae happened in a water and the birds must be immune to it, otherwise, where are they going to live? But, now 2 dead geese and 1 drowned dog! My neighbour said, the dog died within seconds! 

 ???what happened to our pond???

I really missed the pond as we walk there almost everyday and my boys love to swim in there! But now, I have to avoid going there. I am NOT going to take any chance risking my dogs! 

We had a good walk around other part of the Common, without a pond! I have to carry water for them but I think I would rather carry water instead of letting them drink off the pond now!

We walked in the boring part of the Common, then walked up Pollards Hill. Good news is Sizzle is back to his weasel self, he is eating (after starving himself for 3 days!) and playing. WooHoo! No more "bitch sick"! It is so good to see him happy and playing again.

 Give me that Frisbee, daddy!

 I WANT that Frisbee!

 There you Go!



Priscilla said...

Like father, like daughter! Sing must be so proud of Silky!

corbinwooten said...

Cool pictures of Coco and Silky!

And glad to hear that Sizzle is back to his normal self. Boys!

Vonnie said...

Silky is gorgeous! Good to hear you had a lovely weekend!Crazy Sizzle LOL!