Tuesday, July 24, 2012

fun fun fun weekend with the shelties

What a weekend! On Saturday, Sing x Skye's daughter Silky came. We did a bit of Agility in the garden; Silky is such a clever girl, it's only her second time coming to me to do a bit of agility and she's like she is born to do Agility. I was really amazed how fast she learned and how much she taken in as well, especially with the contacts, she has no trouble running over the A Frame and Dog Walk. Her see-saw came on just like that! You can read all about her day here

Our fun weekend continued. On Sunday, we got invited to Roz's house. Roz and her husband Derek owned this lovely country house, surrounded by beautiful woodlands. We had a lovely walk in the quiet woodland, the dogs enjoying themselves, plenty of space to run around ... we were spoilt by Roz and Derek with yummy BBQ. Our first BBQ in the year! The weather was so kind to us, sun was shinning with breeze in between. The shelties and us were truly spoilt. We even got to do a Shelties Pool Party! All our shelties love water, apart from Seagull but he did carry in for a lap of honour :)

 this is before the shelties got wet :)

Shelties pool party! 
I love to see how much my shelties enjoying swimming together

Colin is teasing Sing ... who gets to the ball first. I can tell you that Sing is not impressed! 

 this is the first time Sonic swims in a pool, he wasn't too sure about it

Sizzle made me laugh. All the shelties were in the pool at the same time and I only have 4 balls, Sonic collected two balls, Sing has one and Saturn has one. There's none left for him, poor boy kept swimming round and round the pool to find something to fetch, eventually he found this pool thermometer in the corner and bring it back to me. Such a cute and yet sweet little boy. How can you not love him? 

 This is the only dog that would not leave the pool all day! First, he pretend he fell in the pool. Yes, he did. He tried all his trick and he fell into the pool. Once he gets wet, he will not get out!

pretty girl in the sunshine

Yes, Saturn did dive, in the pool only LOL

Sonic and Toby loves each other so much, this is their play:

Yesterday, the Olympic Torch Relay come to Mitcham. Colin and I took the shelties into the Town to watch the Torch passing by ...

Grand escort coming to Mitcham

I am terrible with heat, after spending a couple of hours of waiting and cheering (actually taking photos) of the Torch, I actually got black out by the time I got home. I didn't wake up until this morning. I was over heated, Colin and the shelties were scared that I got no reaction last night, nobody could wake me up!

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Vonnie said...

What a great time you all had! Nice to see you in summer wear! Wow the dogs were good to cope with all the noise and chaos! Hope you've recovered LOL!