Friday, July 13, 2012

having fun in the sun

The weather isn't getting any better, in fact, we have more rain and raIN and RAIN! Sun did come out occasionally, you have to be quick to get out and enjoy it. Lucky me didn't have to work, so I can get the dogs out for a dry walk but they do come back muddy though :)

The dogs didn't get their long walk these days, so I try to exercise them more by playing fetch the frisbee/boomerang/ball. I used to do that once a week or twice a week but now, they get to play every other day and they want MORE!

Wednesday, we have Eva's mummy come to stay for a couple of nights. With Priscilla's help, we got to take some lovely photos of the shelties doing see-saw. I am obsess of my shelties running all the way up till the end of the see-saw. I know I can take picture of them while sending them to it but, I know they will run faster if I run with them and I like to see their action at the end of the tip :)

Sipzie is like a flying sheltie over the see-saw! Look below, you will know what I mean!

 Sonic wishes the see-saw tip faster so he can go on to do the next obstacle!

 having a break, Sizzle's see-saw is back to the OLD GOOD ONE!

 Saturn, always has his full concentration when doing contact!

 Yes, Seagull used to do Agility too :)

Sing is always smiling!

So, the above photos (Thanks to Priscilla for taking such a good shots!) are of good see-saw ...

Isn't she brilliant? Hang in there Sippppppppppppp!

Unfortunately, this is what we did at the show :) Ooops!

This is what I mean by a good contact :)

... or this? Ooops! Auntie Priscilla, where is my pointy nose? Hahaha ...

see! having a break from Agility does him good. 10 out of 10, perfect see-saw!

can't resist not to post these beautiful photos of Sing & Sipzie :-)

 I hope Priscilla enjoyed her stay with us, she definitely received a lot of sheltie kisses ...
Sing said: Thank You Auntie for my yummy fishy treat! I LOVE You!


Vonnie said...

The sun and dry YEAH! You have to enjoy it! Great pics! Nice to see Eva's mum on the other side of the TLC.

Diana said...

Looks like everyone had fun. Great pictures too!!

Sara said...

Awwww, lucky Priscilla! How lovely that you guys got to spend time together. I loved seeing each dog's style on the teeter!

You got sun...I still want some rain! My grass is brown :(

corbinwooten said...

Love the seesaw pictures! Those are great!

I wish Lexi would get a bit lower like your dogs do. She goes to the end, but doesn't brace enough, in my opinion.

Enjoy the sun while you can!