Thursday, December 27, 2012!

Christmas Day and Boxing Day worn me out! I must be getting old, really old!

We had a lovely surprised visit from my "long lost" cousin from Malaysia. She and her family arrived in the UK a week before Christmas. It was lovely to meet her and her husband and her three children. Shelties are in heaven. They just loved people. I was too busy entertaining and running around with chaos and forgot to take some photos with them!

This is the first time since I am in the UK that I have to cook the Christmas Dinner. I have to say I managed it well, nothing got burnt or under cook. Phew! Shelties have their Christmas Dinner too, normally they will have their dinner with us but not when I have guest, so they have to have it afterwards :) Those chicken will have all the trimmings; and our lovely miniature Shetland pony has a carrot! All happy!

The shelties were brilliant with my coursin's children, they kept them entertained all the time! I am really proud of my lots. We didn't get a chance to open the pressies until the evening. This is Seny's first Christmas, she was amused by the wrapper instead of the pressie itself. Crazy girls!

 Seny loves the wrapper!
Seny is waiting for Colin to throw the wrapper at her!

I went to bed at 7pm, I nearly crawl upstairs! This tells you how tired I was!

Boxing Day, the sun was shinning. We took the pony out for a good walk with the shelties. He's such a lovely character, he loves to be with the boys, not so keen about the girls, especially Sipzie. Whenever Sipzie is around, he will turn around and give her a kick! Seny got one kick and is now clear off! We also got to do a bit of Agility on the Ridge ...

 Love his extension!

We still haven't got a definite name for our wee pony! He is full of character. We started naming him all sorts  ... Sheltie (that's confusing!), Skewbald (I like that name but that is his colour! Enough to confuse people as well!), Solitaire, Smudge, Smoochie ...and on Day 3, we both agreed he is very cheeky, so we call him Sneaky but the next day, after he keeps kicking Sipzie, I start calling him Smash/Smasher. Personally, I like Smash/Smasher, that sounds softer but Colin prefers Sneaky. We both calling him different names, enough to confuse him! Hahaha ...

I always wanted a miniature Shetland Pony but living in London, we were lacking of space. When we moved here, I thought it's possible. Although I have been warned that they will be a lot of work taking care of the shelties, a pony and the chicken ... I know if I want something, I will manage and make it happen. I love having the chicken and pony alongside with our shelties. The shelties are always with me when I doing the chaos and they are loving the space they run in between the chicken run and the pony run!

Smasher pony is only a baby, he was born on 1st of June and he hasn't been well handled before. He arrived last Saturday and I've spent most of our time with him, feed him, cleaning out his bedding, brushing him, hove picking, taking him out for walk ... at Day 3, he totally trust me already. You won't believe I've got my first kick at Day 2 and that hurt! Ouch!

Smasher loves company, he likes to be surrounded by the shelties and if I am around, he will go further and do crazy thing but he is keeping an eye on me. Soon, I moved away, he will run towards me and wanted to be with me! He has been in the garden where he loves, because he can see us in the kitchen/lounge. If I leave him in the paddock, he will go wild. crazy, run around like lunatic! Hopefully he will get settled and learned that he can be on his own :)

Next, clicker train a pony :)


Chris and Ricky said...

Smasher/Sneaky is so cool! I can't imagine having a pony. It must be so fun and I can't wait to see his tricks! The holidays are exhausting! Glad you survived!

Natasha said...

Merry Christmas! That extension on the dog walk is fantastic :) And have fun with your new pony, having a Shetland Pony with Shetland Sheepdogs is so fitting! :D

Pippa Sheltie said...

Hahaha! Good luck with clicker training Smasher!
P.S. I think that is a brilliant name!