Friday, December 07, 2012

Sing update

Brilliant news! I've got a phone call from the vet last evening to say the biopsy result just came back. The lump is just a lipoma, a benign fatty lump. It hasn't spread to any part of his body. Vet also said if there is more lump in around the same area, unless it bothers him, otherwise, we could leave it. WooHoo! Also, all his blood tests came back with flying colours! I can't believe my old boy, nearly 11 still is the strongest and healthiest, apart from the poorly paw and the fatty lump. I can't do anything with the poorly paw but maybe he should have some lean meat in future, so no more fatty lump, if that works! Hahaha ...

Now, I can sit back and relax and enjoy a peaceful Christmas :)

I can't believe how well Sing came off the general anesthetic this time. We only had a couple of faint whimper on Monday night. By Tuesday, he wanted to go and herd the sheep and run around with the others. We have the plaster removed yesterday morning and he nearly bit the nurse who removed the plaster. Hahaha ... I think she should be a bit gentle with my old man. 

 this picture was taken yesterday afternoon after we came back from the vet

 Sing relaxing in the evening (excuse the red-eyed)

 Poor Sing has a big bald patch. I am not sure how long will it takes for all the fur to grow back? The nurse was very impress and happy with the wound. It's looking very good. Clean, dry and no lumpy bits. Phew! He will have the stitches removed next Friday. 
Sing's wound. 


corbinwooten said...

Hooray! So happy it was good news for your boy!

Vonnie said...

Brave Sing! Fantastic news! What a boy :)

Priscilla Phang said...

It's great news!!! So happy for Sing and glad that you can enjoy your Christmas now. Don't worry about the patch, all fur will grow back in no time : )

Please send my love to Sing! He is a hero, good father, big brother and pack leader of Knights Shelties.

Chris and Ricky said...

Such great news about Sing! That is a very serious looking wound but it does look to be healing well. So glad he is recovering quickly!

Diana said...

So glad everything turned out so well and that Sing feels good!!