Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Sing update

For those who are not on Facebook, here is an update on Sing ...

I managed to take Sing to see another vet (Rainsbrook) after we got seriously let down by the vet (wish I can named them!) that we first registered with when we moved into this area. The head vet I met and took Rona and Seny to, he sounds very knowledgeable and understand agility dogs but he can't keep his appointments that really upset me! He himself booked Sing in for an incision on his poorly paw, when we turned up, he wasn't even there! The nurse/reception told me he is not available that day and asked me if I am happy to let the other vet to do the op, I said no but they insisted I speak to one of the vets; so I did but after all the non sense she told me, when I asked her if she knew anything about my dog, her answer is NO but she said whichever vet that going to do the op will know what to do. I then asked her, did she has his history from my previous vet, she said NO. I told her, I am not going to go ahead because none of you know my dog! I walked off. Sing was then treated at my previous vet in London (New Malden Vet), he was prescribed with 4 weeks of antibiotic. Jackie, the vet thinks he was ok and do not need an operation. All went well until the 3rd week of antibiotic, his poorly paw swelled up again. I have to broke the skin and flush all the pus out! Of course it got inflamed! I was worried. I couldn't keep driving back to London to see my vet, so I thought I will give the vet another chance to redeem himself. I called and checked and double make sure he is in to do the op. When the day came, I took Sing in. Again, I got turned down! I was very angry. Although the other senior vet tried to convince me anyone of them is more than capable to do the job but when I asked him the two questions that I asked the previous vet before, his answer is NO again! I was boiling with anger and on the top of my voice, I said to him: If you know nothing my dog, do you think I can trust you by putting my dog on your table? I think I have upset the whole practice but who cares! I care about my dog. Later that day, the vet that I wanted to see ring to apologise and wanted to make another appointment for me to bring Sing in, I replied: It's too late! and hang up. I know I was rude but my dogs are my everything!

The same day, after I walked out from the vet with great disappointment, I drove to Rainsbrook. The reception lady gave me a warmth welcome and we had a good chat and tried to register all my dogs. I told them if the vet could see Sing as he is in the car. Her reply was, the best is to come back in a few hours time so that they can get the history from my previous vet and study his problem before seeing him. I thought, that's good. That afternoon, we saw a senior vet, we have a good discussion and I feel uncomfortable with him. I was really amazed that he actually screen through all Sing's records, up to 27 pages long! Whenever I raised one of the problem, he said: I saw that, let me have a another look and he knew just exactly where to find the problem and discuss with me. I know I can trust him. He agreed with Jackie that he does not need an operation now but if it is necessary, there is only one option, to have the last digit removed!

I've found a lump on Sing's left rib cage last Tuesday night. I told the vet about it and he had a feel and said that is quite solid and doesn't look like a fatty lump, so we schedule to have that removed yesterday. All weekend, I was worried about it. I know Sing wasn't coping well with the general anesthetic, it always took him 2-3 days to come off it, the last one was really worrying. I told this vet about it. He suggested they will run a series of blood test (because of his age) and see if he is ok to go ahead with the op. 

I took Sing in yesterday morning and saw a young vet. He knew exactly what he need to do and he had a feel of the lump. He raised the alarm that they might not be able to operate on the lump because he thinks the lump is between the rib cage and if it is attach to the bones, the practice there has no facility to do a big operation like this. That got me worried even more. He promised he will ring if there is a concern. Maybe no call is good news after all? So, after training, I rang the vet to check if he is ok. They told me the op went really well and I can collect him around 4pm.

I was really amazed how well Sing was when I went to collect him, apart from the very shaky/shivery body, he was very alert. The vet thinks the lump is lipoma (fatty lump). The lump actually did grew in between the muscle of the rib cage. It was quite a job to get the whole thing removed but they did a good job and my Sing looks really well. They are going to send the sample to the lab and we are waiting to hear if the lump is benign. Finger crossed!

Here are some photos taken on my phone, so quality wise is not great:
 Sing just came home, you can see there is a big bald patch on his left. From this picture you can see he is still very alert!

 nothing unusual, he was on the bed last night, I moved him closer to me so I can keep my eyes :)

this is very sweet Sonic being his daddy's guarding angel. He was so happy to have Sing home again. He won't leave his side. Sing did whimper a little last evening and each time he whimper, Sonic cried. That breaks my heart. Last night on the bed, Sonic was in this position until this morning when we woke up.  

hehehe ... Sing this morning!


Vonnie said...

Such a brave boy is Sing! Pawsx! Sounds like you've found the vet meant to be :)The picture with Sonic just melts your heart x

Diana said...

Im glad Sing came through everything well. Poor guy. Thats so sweet that Sonic watches over him. What a special bond. We are keeping our fingers crossed its just a fatty tumor. Oh yea, thanks for the Christmas card. Its just beautiful!

Coco said...

Daddy Sing is very strong and brave. Silky is very proud of being Sing's daughter and having you as a breeder mummy.

corbinwooten said...

I was happy to see that last picture of Sing. Looks like he is feeling more like himself! Sending good, healing thoughts your way.