Sunday, December 16, 2012

boys' agility-date

So, off we went to our local winter series show at Bitz N Bobz yesterday. This is the second time we've been, the last time we went was in November. They have a monthly show until March next year. I have to say I beginning to enjoy the show more and more, I really want to get Sonic out to do more shows as we don't train enough. 

As usual, I've entered Sonic, Sizzle and Sipzie. Poor Sizzle was not on form yesterday. He came off at the 4th weave pole in his first Agility run, the weave was set in the beginning of the course, I thought he was being a naughty boy, so I put him back and again he came off at the 4th pole. I pulled him out from the class straightaway. It was a good course, I really want to try to run it but I know my dog better, so I picked him up and say thank you to the judge. At his next run, a Jumping course. The weave was the 4th obstacle, sadly, it happened again, he came out 4th pole; I re-do and he still came out 4th pole, so we called it a day. I knew this is not my Sizzle. I was glad that I have booked Sally, my physio to come and treat the dogs today. I have to say, she has put him right for now and we have a lot of stretch exercise to do. He was so tight on the shoulder and back. 

I really like the Combined 4-7 courses, they were really good courses and some challenging bits that I would like to try. I knew I couldn't run Sizzle anymore, I was hoping Sipzie will get around the courses. What can I say? She was a WILD child, no control whatsoever! Contacts? She jumped every contacts! Weave? What weave? She ran past every set of weave like she has not seen that at all. The worst part was in the Steeplechase, I thought with no weave and no contacts, she should do ok. Guess what? I sent her into the tunnel, she ran to the door! OMG! Colin called her "The Entertainer"!

After my tri-colour disaster, my token sable did me proud-ish :) Sonic was really good at Agility but absolutely rubbish at Jumping and Steeplechase! Our first run was Agility 1. Colin reminded me to worn him out before even walk into the ring, he think he's too hyper. Of course, I didn't listen to him. I just do my usual stuff and play tug with him. I think my puppy is mature slowly :) he's getting more responsive, I guess with competing a bit more actually help him to cope that he has to run a full course before he gets rewarded. He won both the Agility 1 and Agility 2. 

Sonic's Agility 1:

In his Jumping class, I messed up a bit. I should have put another step further to prevent the refusal of the jump. I have been trying to put a "fan" sequence at home and sending him over to the jumps, I thought he was doing well but obviously not :) Oops! More training over Christmas!

Sonic's Jumping: 

I really enjoyed the Agility 2 course, it was a fast flowing course, although there's no weave or DW or SS but it was a fast course that the young dogs will really enjoy. Just the last couple of weeks that I was worried he hits the AF too high but look at this video made me very happy. His AF is just perfect. Phew!

Sonic's Agility 2:

Well, his last run was a big disaster. He seems to suddenly forget how to jump :) And yes, he is very argumentative too :) but I love him! Just a lot more work to do over the Christmas!

Sonic's Steeplechase:

I didn't bother to upload Sipzie's video because it's just plain awful :)


Vonnie said...

Good to hear you enjoyed your day! Glad Sizzle is okay some lovely treatment brill! Well done to Sonic clever boy. Ms Sipzie what a girl!

corbinwooten said...

Sonic reminds me a lot of Bentley. Commits very late to obstacles (easy to pull off of them), and doesn't like to send away. It took us a long time to get him to go out to pinwheels (or "fans" as you call them!).

Glad to hear Sizzle is okay, sorry Sipzie wasn't up to standard!

Diana said...

You had some very nice runs. Im glad Sizzle is ok.
Sipzie, well what can I say. Girls can act crazy.