Sunday, December 02, 2012

Sizzle @ UKA Grand Final

My little Sizzle qualified for the CSJ Grand Prix Final during the year, alongside with his 3/4 brother Brodie at different height. Both Sizzle and Brodie qualified at the same show; Sizzle in Toy and Brodie in Midi. These two brothers are scarily similar in so many ways too!

As I only qualified Sizzle at the UKA Grand Final, and the weather is freaking cold. I've left Colin to work in the Farm and to take care of the others. I've taken Sonic along for companion to Sizzle. He is a great traveler and he loves to be at the show environment. The venue is 130 miles, in the heavy thick fog, it took me nearly 3 hours to get there. 

I woke up at 4am, spent 30 minutes to start the car. At one point, I thought I will never get there as the car just wouldn't start! I was determined and I want to be there. Never give up! The car eventually start and the first 20 miles, I could only drove 20mph. My eye sight is not good in the dark, let alone in the thick fog! I could hardly see any road marking!

Luckily when we got on the motorway, it was a bit better and I can go a bit faster. We got there plenty of time. I always like to give myself a lot of time to get ready, walk the dogs, get used to the environment ... etc. It was great to see some familiar faces that I haven't seen much this year. Good catching up. 

Our first run was for the Semi-Final and it didn't start until nearly 11am. Last year, we got a fault and I gave up and didn't work all the way though and got eliminated. I got told off for not trying. I didn't realised that sometimes with fault, you are still able to get through to the Final. This year, I determined to work hard. Of course I want a clear round and a good time too. 

Tace, our WAO England Team physio was there. She's a super star. She helped Sizzle so much during the Team practice and as well as at WAO. She always give him a proper warm up before run and loosen his muscle. I swear there is a big difference when you have a brilliant physio like Tace to help at the ringside. I missed her so much when she is not at the same show. We were so lucky that Tace was there this weekend and I can pre-book her. She was at the ringside warming Sizzle for me. 

Sizzle's Semi- Final run was great. He was such a good little boy, did exactly what I asked from him. He ran clear in a good time. We finished 4th after the Semi-Final round and that was good enough to put us through to the Final in the evening.

Sizzle @ CSJ Semi-Final:
Big thanks to Rhoda who video our run

Well, it was a long wait until the Final. 10 Finalist from the Semi-Final round go through. The Final started at 6pm! It was extremely cold and my toes were frozen at that point. The weave entry looked a little different from the paper but when I walked the course, I knew it will be a "problem" if Sizzle ran into the entry too fast. We still have this problem of him can't collect himself at the 2nd pole if he hit the angle like that. I haven't done a lot of practice but we have done a bit. I have put guide wire up to teach him to collect himself but somehow we fail again. I think I was a bit gutted that we got fault on the Dog Walk. There is a very experienced agility handler/trainer/judge saw our run, he later came to tell me, it was harsh to get call on the Dog Walk. I think with running contact there is always a risk. I always respect the judge's decision. After all, it's just a game. I am happy. At the end of the day, me and my dogs are happy and I know we have done a good job, we have tried our best :)

Sizzle @ CSJ Final: 
Big thanks to Tace who video our run

He finished of 6th place :)


Vonnie said...

Well done on getting there! Some lovely runs! WTG wee Sizzle and of course Lian!

Diana said...

congrats on making it to the final. You guys are awesome. Its tough when a call like that is made especially in a final event. ugh. So sorry. It was still a lovely fun.

Rhoda said...

It was lovely to be there and cheer you and super Sizzle on - he ran so well!! :) x

Priscilla Phang said...

Bravo to both of you! Give yourself a pat and get Sizzle some premium jerky :)

corbinwooten said...

That first run was beautiful! I loved your send out to the weaves. So nice!

On the second one, I feel your pain. Lexi has the same trouble with weave entries like that. She can't make the bend. If she doesn't think she can make it, she'll get in the first pole and then run along side--she won't even try. Silly pups!