Tuesday, December 11, 2012

exciting weekend

We had an exciting weekend! 

On Saturday, we went to Rugby Christmas Agility show. I have never been to this show before, considering this is one of our local shows, I'll go and check it out :) I have not done a Christmas show before either, so this was really exciting. I remembered seeing some old pictures from fellow agility competitors, they used to decorate some of the equipment, like wrapping tinsel on the jump wing or weave poles, I was a bit disappointed that nothing was on the equipment this year but I was well impressed with all the judges dressing up in season spirit! 

There were four rings, two indoor Jumping rings that have no peg at all, so all straight pipe tunnels and no weave, no cloth tunnel. The two outdoor rings (not really outdoor as they are under a shelter but not fully enclosed) are Agility rings.

I've entered three dogs, Sonic, Sipzie and Sizzle. All has an Agility and Jumping run each. Sonic has his first two runs first. He was starting well on the Jumping until I messed up in the box and then everything went a bit haywire. He is such a sensitive dog that read my mind too well, he is so similar to his daddy in this manner but Sing will slow down and keep trying where Sonic will bark and try to tell me off!

this is our "disastrous" Jumping round: 

I am so glad this show is so well organised. With four rings, they have got 8 judges, so the show run smoothly and no stopping for lunch. Everything was ON THE GO all the time, no one is hanging around being cold in this weather. Before I knew it, Sonic got to run his Agility. It was a lovely flowy course, the only disappointed bit for me is there is no weave. Not that Sonic cannot do the weave but I really like courses with weave, especially for the baby dogs which they need the experienced in the ring. What can I say, for the least expected, Sonic won the class by nearly 3 seconds! Oops :( I don't think he is particularly fast considering that is one fast flowy course with no weave. I saw many dogs that go faster than him but when I check his time, he really did surprised me. He is the fastest time in all the grades and in small and medium. This is a Graded show, they graded each grade but Grade 1 to 3 run the same course and Graded 4 to 7 run the same course. 

this is Sonic's winning Agility run:

Oh dear! We need to work hard now that he moves up to Grade 4 unexpectedly. He isn't ready to move up as he still doing a lot of silly baby mistakes like jumping pass obstacles and too busy barking at me instead of looking at the jump in front of him. We have been practicing this at home but the weather is so awful (too wet/muddy or too cold/frosty ground), there is not much we can do at the moment :(

Next up was Sizzle's Agility run. He was a good little boy and came 2nd. I was really pleased with that as there were some very good fast little dogs in his grade including a couple of Agility Champions. I was a little bit cross with myself (only after watching the video at home), I rush to release the see-saw too soon. He has been so good with his see-saw this winter as we have been training hard on that and now my quick release may have "ruin" it again. Sigh ~ such a bad handler :(

Sizzle Grade 4-7 Agility: 

After Sizzle's Agility run, it seems that all Grade 4 to 7 small & medium crashed at the same time; I nearly missed walking Sipzie's Medium Jumping. I've only got the very limit of time to walk the course twice, hence my spacing was slightly out and Bless Little Miss Sipzie, trying so hard to come 3rd in that Jumping round. 

Sipzie's Grade 4-7 Jumping:

Soon after Sipzie's Jumping run, we have to rush to the outside ring to run her in the Agility. She was a total wild child. This is the first time in the last few weeks that she leap off her Dog Walk by miles! She ran the same Agility course as Sizzle but I would not want to upload the video here :( I've asked the judge permission to put her back on the Dog Walk; and after that she came off the side way of the see-saw and missed her weave entry. It was quite a messy run :(

We finished the day with Sizzle's Grade 4 to 7 Jumping. For some reason, I wasn't really concentrate on this course, I don't know why? I knew I can handle it much more better but I just went in and run like a stupid handler :( Sorry Sizzle. He did ran clear though, such a good little boy. He is an honest dog that give you the best!

Sizzle Grade 4-7 Jumping:

On Sunday, we have Rhoda and Matt with their Burdetts Shelties came to visit. Of course, brother and sister hit it off straightaway. Sonic and Brooke see each other quite a lot and they really love each other so much. The can run and play ALL DAY! Brooke has grown up so much after her first season. She really is lightning fast little girl! I love watching her run and enjoying herself. 

brother and sister

Look at Brooke, I don't know why she is the dirtiest sheltie of all of them! And she blend in very well in the background too :)

lightning fast puppy!

 This is Brooke's big brother, handsome Brodie. He is also Sizzle 3/4 brother. You have to ask Rhoda how she worked that out :) One thing I sure know is Brodie and Sizzle have the same daddy, a stunning blue merle dog CH Shelridge Wishmaster

and this is Brooke's tiny big sister Bracken. She is only 11" tall but with big attitude. She's a pocket rocket that made Matt ran a lot :) She's a sun chaser. She tried to get into the toy box where the sun shine into :)

 this is my crazy puppy, I love this photo very much. Funny that Sing, Sonic and Brooke all like the same ball!

Matt on the Ridge recalling Brooke and Seny loves her uncle Matthew A LOT! She wishes that he can take her home :)

oh ... handsome daddy Sing

 Brooke: Oops! Sorry daddy! It's yours :)

 Sonic: I want that too, daddy!

 Sing says, the ball is mine!

Matt playing with the shelties

Lastly, not a great group photo as all the shelties have flying ear and we were too busy to get Seny in the picture but she won't sit/stay :( (training in progress!)

Next up ... we have some new additions to The KNIGHTs Shelties 


Vonnie said...

Well done on the placings, some lovely runs! Scary watching Sizzle, so like Ellie! Lovely pics on the Ridge lucky people & Shelties :)

Diana said...

Wow, sizzle's last jumping course, is crazy tight. I dont even know how you remember it. 8 rings, wow. It must be hard to remember all that stuff. Congrats on your weekend!