Sunday, October 04, 2009

back to normal

I woke up at the early hours this morning to realise we are now back to normal, no tiny noises to wake me up at 4/5 am, no little waggiest tail, happy faces to greet me, no little puppies running around the house/between my legs, no puppies to care for ...
I can't believe I have raised two litters of puppies from June, it all seems like yesterday. I really missed having them around. Zap, Sadie, Posh & Skye are wonderful puppies, all of them have superb temperament, outgoing, bold, confident and happy. I hope they bring a lot of joys to their new mums and dads.
Thank you very much to Gem for giving me such a precious little boy, she is now retired from breeding and is living a luxury life in Norfolk with a lovely family that gives her all the attention and love she needs. She was a great mama to Zap!
What can I say about Samber? Eventhough I called her "teenage mum" but like Gem, she is a good mama to Sadie, Posh & Skye. She clean and feed the babies very well when they were younger and played with them when they are older. I really missed the time watching them running around in the garden chasing each other. I loved to see how they interacting with each other.
Samber is still very young and she likes to go out and be a part of my pack, everytime when I took the boys out for a walk/training and left her with her babies, she will cry her heart out just because she wants to join us. I can't risk the health of the babies and each time when I closed the door behind us, I felt sorry for her and we could only go for a short/quick walk.
This morning, we woke up to a sunny but cold autumn day. Colin and I took the boys + girl for a good long walk that we all needed. We walked for nearly three hours, all the dogs enjoyed their long walk.

The KNIGHTs Shelties on Mitcham Common

the happy Samber and the happy Seagull having fun

the evil Titan is still being evil

the youngest three are always on the move

even Seagull looks so happy

my troublesome tris!

Samber is so happy to be out to chase the boys!

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Vonnie said...

They all look so happy :) Samber will be loving it, being able to go back out and play! Good to hear Gem has another loving home! I wish someone had warned me about tri's being troublesome! LOL!