Thursday, October 29, 2009


Last night was very tense! I kept thinking about the caravan. Two community police officers came to knock on the door about 7pm to ask how do I feel. You must be joking! I told them I fell insecure and I WANT PROTECTION! The caravan park right close to the house (we are very lucky to be able to park the caravan in our front garden, you don't have much space in London), can you imagine someone (or more than one!) that you do not know are in your compound! They told me it could be just a one off because there is some form of pattern that some foreigners got so drunk and they live miles away so they will just hang about at someone's property and my caravan became their target! WHAT?
I was ready to sleep in the caravan with Sing and Seagull and a baseball bat (sorry, I am a fighter!) but Colin reminded me that the CSI said I need to clean the caravan with strong detergent before using it ... so this option is out! How annoying!! I also told my nephew off for being so NOT alert, his bedroom is just above where the caravan is park! He told me he was far asleep at 9pm the night when the intruder broke into the caravan!! Arrrrgggghhhh ...
I was still unwell, my cold and cough is still very much bothering me but I didn't want to take anymore Night Nurse. I tried to stay alert but it just got me very tired at the end ... but I didn't hear any dog barking.
First thing I woke up this morning was to run straight to the caravan to check it out. Thank God it is safe!


Ricky the Sheltie said...

Glad to know that your caravan was left undisturbed last night - hopefully it was a one time incident! But that doesn't make it any better!

Hope you soon recover from your cold and get back to feeling well!

Vonnie said...

Lovely pics! Great one of them all running! Samber isn't half agile, look at her jump! Hope the caravan mystery gets solved!