Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Samber and her ears!

I am struggling to tip Samber's ears. When I have her, she was about 16/17 months old and she came with her ears like a rabbit! I don't really mind my shelties' ears stick up but she is quite a petite girl with small feature and her ears are so big, I thought she looks really cute. Then, a lot of people commented that she looks exactly like a FOX!

When Sing was young, a lot of people asking me why I walk a fox!! Mmmmm ... he did look like a fox when he was in his teenage stage, leggy, not much hair but I just ignored them and he turned into a handsome young lad, even with his ears stick up.

Anyway, back to Samber. When I saw this picture I took recently with her puppies, I thought I better think about how to treat her ears. I know a lot of people will tell me it is too late as she is 2 years old now but I just want to have a go, whether it works or not, there is no harm.

I did tried to tip her ears before she has her puppies but it didn't last, I do not like to use any chemical stuff on her when she is pregnant and in whelp. Now, all the puppies have gone to their new homes, it's about time to have another go again.

Isn't she looks so much softer in expression and cuter with her ears tip properly? Well, no matter how she looks, her temperament has not changed. She is such a loving, outgoing, friendly, affectionate little girl. We all love her very much.


Ricky the Sheltie said...

I didn't know it was possible to fix Sheltie ears after puppyhood. I will be interested to see what happens with Samber's ears. Mom tried to fix mine the entire time I was a puppy and they just wouldn't tip. Some people think I look like a fox too.

Vonnie said...

Ears tipped or not people think they look like foxes! Samber is cute, but I know what you mean when they are tipped! Good Luck!

Nat said...

Very pretty! Wall-e's ears were really stubborn, lol :) and we weren't able to get them to tip for long. Samber's ears look like good candidates for tipping though! Looking forward to seeing the results.