Monday, October 19, 2009

weekend and the bees

As Sizzle was stung by the bees on Friday, I wasn't sure if we are still able to compete at Weald on Saturday. I have entered Sizzle and Saturn, that will be their last Grade 3 and Grade 5 show. Kevin, my vet said the antihistamine & steriod jabs that he gave to Sizzle will make him feel drowsy but he should be back to normal the next day. When we got back from the vet, I used the penny to press it on the bite for 15 minutes (the swelling has gone down), then I left him and took the other dogs out for a walk; when we got home, I used the hot & cold treatment on the bite for another 10 minutes. Then, I have a good look at the bite, the swelling has gone completely! WooHoo! I don't know which one works, the jabs? the penny? or the hot & cold? Whatever it is, it's gone!
He bounced back in the evening, didn't see any different in him, he brought a ball for me to throw and we had a little play but he got tired quickly. We all went to bed quite early just in case I decided to go to Weald the next morning.
We did go to Weald at the end. Sizzle looks happy when we woke up and we haven't have an early start, so we set off casually. We got there in plenty of time, the only problem was we cannot find a car park! The parking was absolutely full, we managed to find an awkward place to park the car and thank God nobody complain.
We only have two classes each for Sizzle and Saturn. Both Combined 1-5 Agility & Jumping. Sing is Grade 6 and is not eligible to run there. I didn't know what Time, Fault and Out was, so I didn't enter, how stupid! Our day started with the Jumping first, Saturn in the Medium before Sizzle. It was a nice flowy course with a little "pull in". I thought Saturn should be able to do it perfectly but how wrong was I. He didn't give me his full attention when I set him up on the start line, he wasn't concentrate at all. I should have insisted to put him back and wait but I didn't. I released him and he took the wrong jump and eliminated at the 3rd jump! Otherwise a lovely round.
Sizzle did a beautiful round but we didn't managed the little pull in bit, I thought I have called him and he responded but when I study the video carefully, it shows I didn't hold my ground long enough for him to come in to me to take the jump, so back jump it. My mistake! Now, I have another homework with him. I taught him too much of "out around" (means go out and take the jump) and now the problem starts!
After the jumping, we have to wait a few hours for our Agility run. I have watched others did the Time, Fault and Out and I was gutted I didn't entered. It would be a good practise/experience for little Sizzle. I will learn next time.
Saturn was a little hyper in his Agility, of course he missed his DW by miles! He was very happy running across the DW and LEAP! We must get this sorted for the next season!! His A Frame is so much better, I think released him QUICK on the A Frame helps.
I did a silly mistake with Sizzle in the Agility. I didn't stop to let him take the weave entry. I ran passed the weave and hoping he will learn to pick the weave but I forgot he is only a baby. Also, on the see-saw. Last weekend, we had trouble doing front cross and me keeping him on the see-saw for it to tip. I have gone back to the square one to teach him the see-saw because I have learned that I haven't reward him enough TO STAY on the see-saw. I always reward him after he is OFF the see-saw, so he wanted to get off the see-saw as quick as possible but that is wrong because he needs to learn to wait for the see-saw to tip. I think he begin to know that he cannot come off if the see-saw is not fully tip, so we have a dodgy see-saw there but hopefully we can fix this problem soon. Also, he missed his DW!!! Arrrrggghhh ... we need more practise!
All in all, I am very happy with Sizzle, the more mistakes he made, the better we will be next time. I'd like to see him making mistake so I know where to improve. We also entered the Pay On the Day Helter Skelter. Saturn won the Medium and Sizzle was 4th but they only placed up to 3rd.

Sunday morning, I took Colin and the dogs to the Common where Sizzle got stung by the bees. From a distance, Colin and I cannot work out how Sizzle got stung because the area is absolutely flat but when was walked closer, we could see tons of bees flying around. I be braved to investigate and saw a bees nest underground, the nest is damaged; so my friend Arley is right about the digger has disturbed the nest. I think Sizzle has somehow walked into the hole where the bees nest is and no surprise he was covered in bees! Poor little soul. Since yesterday evening, he went all quiet again, I don't think he has the tummy problem because he is not stretching his tummy, he just very quiet and sleepy. I hope the infection didn't start now! I have heard the infection could come later, within 24-28 hours. Arrrrgghhh .... frustrated!

how could you imagine there would be a bees nest in there? Or am I being ignorant?

I crop from the above picture so you can see the bees next, maybe not the best quality as it was taken with my mobile phone

Colin and I went to see a piece of land near us, as we were walking around, we spotted this fox. I have never seen a fox so close before! It was taken with my mobile phone, no zooming feature, so you can see how close we were! Well, the fox found me very scarry, he was all shaken!

here is our weekend agility:


Diana said...

Im so glad Sizzle is ok. I like what you said about Sizzle making mistakes because then you know what to work on. What a great way to view you dogs run.
The fox is very scary. We have had a lot of rabid foxes here. I dont think you all have rabies in England , do you? Diana

Vonnie said...

Hope wee Sizzle has brightend up tonight! He had lovely runs, he just flows so smoothly! Saturn gets so excited!

Sara said...

So glad to hear that Sizzle is Ok. We get bees nests in the ground here too. usually we don't find them until the lawn gets mowed, then they get REALLY mad!

Ricky the Sheltie said...

I loved watching your agility runs from the weekend! Saturn and Sizzle both did well! Sizzle looks so tiny out there - you know mom is very partial to him! Helter Skelter looks like so much fun!

No that didn't look like a bee nest at all - it was very well camouflaged! Glad to know Sizzle recovered quickly!