Friday, October 09, 2009

it is definitely autumn!

It is definitely Autumn in Mitcham. I can see our willow tree leaves/branches everywhere in the garden, trees in the park/common turning brown/yellowish, dry leaves everywhere on the grounds, it is beautiful (but not in my garden). I love autumn, I think this is the best season to take the dogs for a long walk and yet not worry about the weather. It has been wet and cold for the last few days but this morning, the temperature gone down to 8c, so it is brrrr.... COLD! I particularly feel the cold as I am not too well at the moment. I thought I had food poisoning over the weekend but the doctor said I had viral gastroenteritis, so prescribed me with lots of rest and paracetamol!
I managed to get the dogs out for their morning walk, we did a two hours walk in the Common today (am I crazy?). I can't lie in bed all day, I rather go and have some fresh air! But I need my thick winter jacket and gloves on! I didn't bring my good camera today, so the quality of the pictures aren't as good.
we got this beautiful girl posing by the only plant in the Common!
Sing just loved the pond, he doesn't care whether it is clean or dirty, this is the result:

I thought sheltie should have 4 WHITE socks!!!!!

Didn't he looks grumpy in the picture? Because I told him off being in the horrible smelly pond!!

Sing: mummy, you don't have to be crossed with me, I can clean my socks by going into the pond again!!!

I think the sheltie's coat is amazing, after a few run in the grass fetching ball, he is all clean again but I must admit, no matter how clean it looks, it stink!
my little sunshine happily chasing the crows!
I like these zooming photos of Sizzle, he loves to go out chasing crows/birds:

one from Samber


Sara said...

Oh it looks like a wonderful day!

Hope you are feeling better soon.

Diana said...

I cant believe the feet got so clean without having to wash them. Sizzle looks like he is having fun. Diana

Vonnie said...

Sambers ears in the first pic are tipped! Must be in the genes Ellie is the same with birds! Great pics of Sizzle!

Nat said...

Samber's ears looked like they're staying nicely! Love these photos, they're having so much fun! LOL Sing's muddy paws are priceless. And Sizzle is having a blast.