Tuesday, October 20, 2009


It is getting closer to Halloween (31/10/2009) and Guy Fawkes Night (05/11/2009), so almost everynight we can see/hear the fireworks from the neighbourhood. There are so many posters about dogs/cats get very stressed about the fireworks. I am very lucky that all my boys are calm with the fireworks going above them. We bought some fireworks three years ago, Colin wanted them for his birthday, so we took the dogs (Sing, Seagull, Saturn, Titan and Skye) to the Common along with my nephews to light some fireworks for Colin. I thought it was a crazy idea taking the dogs but I was amazed how well they coped with all the banging noises and light shooting up. I started putting them on the lead, keep them close beside me when the kids light the fireworks, there were all qurious about the fireworks at fast but no stress in them, they think the fireworks more like a game than anything scarry.
For the last two years, Sing, Saturn and Titan love to sit by the french window watching into the sky for fireworks; Seagull and Skye normally lie down on the settee being comfy, they are not the type of adventorous like the others.
Sizzle saw his first fireworks last year, he again was very calm, didn't show any sign of stress or fright at all and this year, he joins the other three sitting by the french window. We only have Samber early this year (14th Feb, St Valentine's Day), she is another great dog, didn't have a fear at all over the fireworks.
One thing I dislike about the fireworks is I always found some "left over" in my garden! It is very dangerous, especially this one (photo below) I found thi morning is so close to the house! I do not mind people playing fireworks in the Common or Park but in the garden always scared me!


Sara said...

People don't light fireworks for Halloween here. Isn't that interesting how traditions are different?

Oreo doesn't seem to notice fireworks, while Misty hates them!

Hudsondoglets said...

When we lived in Tunbridge Wells we had lots of fireworks around us. Now we hear only very few on bonfire night itself and a few during New Year. Much better. Mind you we do have quite a bit of shooting instead!

Vonnie said...

Yes, we've been hearing them past couple of weeks. Khandi doesn't bother looks out the window. Ellie didn't bother last year! Abbey (the BIG dog) is petrified, we do not walk her at night just now, she gets into an awful state its very stressful for us to watch her!