Wednesday, October 28, 2009

New type of caravan thieves!!! Beware!!

Well, I have heard so many of our agility friends' caravan been stolen for the last two years and I have always been careful about ours. We only had a tiny little caravan that is big enough to squeeze into the front garden. Colin said those gypsy only want big carvans, so we should be alright but I always make sure I will leave a car park right in front of the caravan to block it to be removed.
This morning, as usual, I have to send Colin to the tube station. When I open the front door, my vision is always looking at the caravan but I noticed something different. The silver blind on the window facing the the house is lifted. I pointed it to Colin, he said: dont' worry, just the wind! I thought the weather was quite calm yesterday, indeed we have a beautiful sunny afternoon, where was the wind?
After dropping Colin, I came home and took my caravan key to investigate the mysterious window. When I turned the key, the door lock! Mmmm ... I got suspicious, I am a very careful person, I never leave the door unlock. So, I turned it the other way to open the door, the door open but only the top part of the door open and the bottom part was still shut. This means, the lock that lock these two parts have been touched! I've got more suspicious. When I open the full door, I know someone has been in there. I have a piece of towelling blanket on the floor near the door for the dogs on the wet weather, it wasn't straight, it look like someone has walk on it, if you didn't walk carefully, the blanket will move or twist (didn't I sound like a good investigator?). Well, I know my things. When I walk in, I can see the beds have been touch. I wash/clean all the beddings (human and dogs) when we finished our last caravan trip. I pile them all up on the beds (we have two separate beds), other than the two sleeping bags still on the beds, the other dog beds are ontop of the garden fencing. The two sleeping bags have been used/touched. I also found some blood staines on Colin's bed (the window that got broke in). The blood still look red, so it must be just so recent, either last night or this morning. I checked the window, 3 our of the 4 clips that lcok the window together are broken, so it is definitely a FORCE break in!
I cannot see many things missing, a dinner plate and a drinking glass are missing so far. I rang the police this morning but no one there to pick the call, so I left a message, hopefully these lazy cows will call me back! I thought Police is 24 hours?
I was very ill last night, my cold has turned into nasty cough, so after having the Night Nurse I was in deep sleep, I didn't hear the dogs.
I also have a good around outside the caravan and I found a piece of car aerial by the window they broke in and a Gingster Large Sausage Roll wrapper!!!
Mmmmm ...

I guess I have to sleep in the caravan tonight to see if he or more than two comes back again!!! Maybe I will have my dogs all sleep in there to chase them off or protect me! Real Bastard!!!

this is the window that got broke into

the broken clip that lock the window, 3 are broken

this is the only one that is not broken!

when I open the door, it came as two parts, the clip that lock the two parts together is not attach

it should be like this to be able to lock the door

first blood staine I noticed is by the door

this is the dog towelling which has been walk on

someone has slept on this bed

the bedsheet is cover in blood staines!


Sara said...

That's horrible Lian. It always feels so horrible when someone violates your space.

I hope the police come help you out soon.

Diana said...

Thats terrible. I hope the police come. And to leave blood behind, Yuk! Diana

Ricky the Sheltie said...

Terrible! Did the police ever show up? I have never heard of leaving a message for the police!

I wouldn't sleep out there in the caravan - I would be too afraid even with a pack of dogs with me! Be careful!

Liz, David & Zap said...

Hi Lian, I am so sorry you and Colin are going through this - as you know our caravan was stolen this summer. You feel so shaken to know people have been about while you were asleep.
I agree with Rocky the Sheltie keep you and your dogs safe indoors - no caravan is worth being hurt for.
Take care
Liz David & Zap