Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas and presents

Eventhough I have been very tired and exhausted this festive season but we have a peaceful Christmas with our family on Christmas Day and received a lot of wonderful presents from friends and family; one of them is this Manners Minder Remote Reward System.

I told Colin that I have lost all ideas/methods to "retrain" Saturn's contacts. He is now a Grade 6 dog and we simply cannot let this contact problem stopping us. I told him about this expensive Manners Minder Remote Reward System which might be able to help us, and guess what? It arrives on the 23rd December! I was so anxious to try this new toy and told him don't bother to wrap it up for Christmas (I probably is the least romantic person in the world!). I have been spending Christmas Eve playing with the new toy indoor. Saturn, Sizzle and Sing just loved it. As I planned to use this to train on the contacts with Saturn, I've got a piece of mat out to teach him (and Sizzle and Sing) to touch and then send him to the machine for the reward. It has been going on well, all boys are very keen.

Then, Christmas Day came and we didn't get time to use the machine at all.

On Boxing Day, we spent all morning clearing up the garden. By this time, the Willow tree has dropped all the leafs, so is about time to give the garden a good clear up. We got a pair of this Leaf Collector for Christmas, it is a brilliant tool to pick up the leafs.

We also washed down the Dog Walk, so it looks new. I've tried to move the DW to the middle of the garden. I know it makes the garden looks smaller and crowded but I couldn't care less, all I want to do this winter is to make sure I can train Saturn's contacts properly and hopefully he will get the idea what he should do in the ring.

I've got the Manners Minder out in the garden to start using it. I show Saturn the machine and he has picked up a few treats from the machine, so everything is ready to go. Unfortunately, this machine got me so frustrated, the remote didn't work every single time, sometimes it work and sometimes it was delay and sometimes it don't work at all. I was really frustrated with it. How can I teach Saturn if the reward is delay? Or the reward nevers arrive when he hit the correct position? At the end, I just gave up on it!

Colin tried to film me with my new toy, please turn down the volume, you don't want to hear my frustration voice:


Anonymous said...

You've got a dodgy remote-I think I would ask for a new one.Poor Saturn!

Diana said...

The Manners minder looks great. I think Bernedette ( i hope I spelled that right) posted something about her's having problems too. Maybe you should ask her. Diana

Sara said...

Oh electronics! So frustrating! My electronic clicker goes wacky everytime I use it outside and it is below 40 degrees F.

Those leaf grabbers look like a great idea!

Ricky the Sheltie said...

I'm sorry that machine got you so frustrated! Did you figure out why it was so delayed? I see lots of people using the MM and loving it - didn't Bernadette have a problem with one machine and had to get a replacement or do I remember that wrong? Maybe it is faulty.

It was very sweet of Colin to order you one for Christmas though and I am sure it will eventually be very helpful!

Nat said...

Aw, too bad that it doesn't work! :( Maybe it's just a bad remote, and you could send it in for a replacement?

Rosie Ison said...

Hi Lian

I bought a manners minder also before xmas , and mine was faulty just like yours. The people I got mine from have been fantastic, first they sent a new remote and that didn't work and so they immediately sent me a brand new machine. It seems to work fine , but I haven't tried it outside yet because of the weather:-(
I know several people with a MM and they are thrilled with theirs.
Like you I got mine for Fozzies contacts.
We shall have to keep in touch to see how its working

Vonnie said...

I thought about one for Khandi but decided they were a tad expensive! Loved how Saturn "kicked" LOL" BTW lovely contacts Saturn, keep it up not long till G7!