Monday, December 07, 2009


Someone was talking to me recently, she said: your English shelties has no drive!
I said to her: Of course my English shelties has drive, they drive me nuts!
I remembered last year, I was chatting to a few people at agility shows, they also tell me: your English shelties has no drive. I was very upset then but not anymore!

this happy bunch drive me nuts all the time!!!


Sara said...

I think they must have your shelties confused with someone else's (like mine perhaps?). That is the last thing I would think about your shelties.

Diana said...

What a werid thing to say to someone. Im glad you a good sense of humor about it. Diana

Vonnie said...

Some people! BC owners more than likely! Your Shelties have plenty drive!

Ricky the Sheltie said...

Exactly what Sara and Diana said!

By the way, did I say how much I love your holiday blog header? It is awesome!

Katja said...

Shelties no drive ? They are the most driven (around) breed I know ;-)

Sheldrays said...

Hi Lain, what do they mean no drive? How rude! They obviously havnt met Rocky or Smo either!!!!