Wednesday, December 16, 2009

walking in the snow

I am still exhausting from our Belgium trip! We were out all day in the freezing cold weather on Sunday, watching some Belgian training in agility and other activities, playing with the puppies ... we managed to rush to Dunkerque to catch the midnight crossing home. We got home about 4am UK time, all I want is my warm comfy bed but I can't neglect my poor dogs, they have been missing me, so I spent another hour to calm them down before I can retired to bed.
We had a good lie-in on Monday before collecting Sizzle. He was very pleased to see us, he can't stop kissing/licking me. It is good to know he missed me, he was spoiled rotten. When we went to pick him up, little Trouble (Sophie's little tri colour sheltie) looked so sad, they were best pal and clever Trouble knew Sizzle is going home.
We then took the dogs for a good long walk. Sing, Seagull, Saturn, Titan and Samber didn't get their walk when we were away. I dare not ask my nephew to take them out as I know they will try to run away from him. My dogs are very much of mummy's boys, so I cannot trust anyone to take them out.
I never thought I will have a problem taking a group photo before but yesterday was a nightmare. Seagull and Titan would not want to sit stay for the photo, they just want to run around and sniff every single bush. It took me more than half an hour to settle these two. The other four were as good as gold, they have been sitting pretty waiting patiently (actually fed-up!). At the end, I have to put Seagull and Titan on the lead to make them sit still for one second!!! Luckily, it didn't take me long to take this photo. Only one snap! Phew!
Today, we have snow. Not a lot that I wish for. We went to the Common for a long walk, it was very pretty in the Common, the Seven Islands Pond was very pretty, very wintery looking, the pond is frozen and Sing has forgotten the accident, he wanted to go into the pond so much and I was petrified, kept calling him off from the pond. Then, Saturn gave me a fright, he saw a group of coots, he ran straight towards the pond and walked on the thin ice and luckily the ice broke before he could go far, Phew!
I was singing "walking in the winter wonderland" all the way ... I wish I brought the camera with us but after yesterday having trouble getting Seagull and Titan to sit for the photo, I decided we just go for a nice walk.

Sizzle needs his Christmas pressie before Christmas! Not good quality photo, taken with my mobile phone.


Vonnie said...

Titan and Seagul surely not! LOL! Hope you've warmed up and had plenty sleep! great pics!

Sara said...

I'm glad you got a little bit of snow! Ours is all melted already.

The dogs look so cute in their coats.

Bet they are all sooo happy their mum is home.

Ricky the Sheltie said...

I missed Sizzle! He looks so cute in his new coat! I am amazed that you ever get all your dogs to sit for a group photo! But you get great group shots all the time!!! Mom can't even get a good picture of just me!