Tuesday, December 29, 2009

... continue Christmas presents

The shelties are very lucky to receive so many pressies ...

this one is from wee Ellie to her handsome brother Sizzle, a soft white quackie duck:
Sizzle just loved it. He had a good play with his quackie duck on Christmas morning before we set off to Brighton to be with our family. He then have another good play with it when we got home. This has becomes his new favourite toy. Sizzle said: Thanks, sis!

... and this is Sizzle enjoyed his Christmas bone from his niece. You can see how much he enjoyed chewing it.

and this one is from daddy:

this is the batteries operated hamster


Sara said...

That video was hysterical. I'm not sure who was more amused...the shelties or the humans!

What a great toy.

Saturn looked more interested in looking handsome and having his photo taken:)

Ricky the Sheltie said...

I agree that the hamster video was too funny! I think I would be afraid of that thing, though!

Vonnie said...

Loved wee Sizzle will I, won't I LOL! Then Sing trying to pick it up LOL!

Vonnie said...

Ellie is thrilled you love it Sizzle, she loves hers too! It's about as big as you two! LOL!

Christine said...

The toy looks like great fun:-) Have a fab new year.