Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Sing and his Christmas present

Sing is recovering very well from his unknown injury. Sara came over on Sunday to give him his 3rd massage and she now approved that I can slowly exercise him to build up his stamina. It was such a relief when Sara said he looks very well. I must admit I have been very naughty, when we have snow, I just can't resist not to let him play in the snow. Sing loves snow but I put a limit to it. I didnt throw the ball in the air for him to catch anymore, each time, I roll the ball so he is always on the ground. I am so afraid to hurt him again, poor boy!
I got to talk to someone on our walk in Mitcham Common, her rottie Olivia had a bad accident and nearly didn't survive but Gayna insists she will give him every chance to survive and did her best to make him walk again. It has been three years since the accident and Olivia is looking very fit. She told me about Orthopaedic bed for dog that I could get from Argos but I didn't fancy the one in Argos, it is like an egg cell shape, I can't imagine the dog can get comfortable in a bed with a lot of holes so I started looking up on the Internet and found this ExtraComfort Restore Orthopaedic Memory Foam Dog Bed. I thought it would make a perfect Christmas present for Sing. The bed arrived three weeks before Christmas and I didn't bother to wait that long, I just want him to get better if that helps at all.
Funny thing is, Sing is spoil (well, all mine are spoil!), he loves to sleep on my bed eventhough he has three different beds already! I put the Orthopaedic bed under my office table where he usually sleeps when I work on my computer but Sing didn't fancy it too much. Saturn is the one that loves this bed. Ha!

Sing is not impress with his expensive orthopaedic bed!


Ricky the Sheltie said...

Glad to hear Sing is much better but it's typical that he doesn't really like the new bed!

Vonnie said...

Good to hear Sing is making progress! Hopefully he'll not be long in getting used to his new special bed!

Sara said...

Misty won't sleep on dog beds either. I've tried, because I know it would be more comfortable for her, but she just doesn't seem to think so.

At least Saturn likes it! Oreo would claim it as his own too.

Nat said...

That's an interesting bed, thanks for posting the link. Silly Sing, I know exactly what you mean about shelties not sleeping in their proper beds! LOL