Monday, December 07, 2009

seasons photos from the youngsters

We managed to put up our Christmas tree yesterday. I wanted to take some photos of the dogs around the Christmas tree as the sunlight was really good but just haven't have time to do so, we seems to rush here and there this weekend! It is good to have the Christmas tree up to make me feel Christmas is coming ...

Saturn was very suspicions why his daddy bring a tree in the house!

We received this Christmas Stocking from Rachel as a pressie from winning a photo competition. Here is Sizzle showing off his "hold" skill he learns recently.

I went Christmas shopping a couple of weeks ago and bought this funny costume, didn't Samber looks cute in the photo with her Christmas costume?

I will try to post more photos of the gang later when I have a chance to take the photos.


Vonnie said...

Colin trying to hide was he! LOL!
Great pics! Clever Sizzle! Oh poor Samba, shall we call her Miss Elf now! ;)

Cane Corso Puppy said...

Extra cute pictures! Shamber looks amazing in her Christmas costume. Well done!

Hudsondoglets said...

Cute pictures!