Saturday, December 19, 2009

where is the 20cm of snow?

Where is the 20cm of snow that the weatherman promised? I was very excited and so much looking forward to it but yesterday morning, we woke up to probabaly a 2cm of snow! What a disappointment! The shelties love the snow, even my doppey and quiet Seagull loves the snow. He was crazy playing in the snow with Samber, the two of them made us laugh!

here is the very well behaved boys and girl sitting pretty for the photo, no problem at all taking this group photo, guess they are now more settled since we came home.

what a handsome boy! butter wouldn't melt expression!

have to inculde this photo of my handsome boy

crazy Seagull, he don't normally run when we go out walking but the snow can't stop him running like a loonie!!

this is a series of photos of Seagull and Samber playing in the snow:

boys playing:

Titan in the garden, you can see snow falling on his black coat


Diana said...

It looks like everyone is having fun. Diana

Sara said...

What is it about snow & dogs? They just LOVE it!!!!

We're supposed to get a few inches tonight. Can't wait to see the dogs happy faces in the morning.

Love your photos of Saturn. Such a sweetheart.

Ricky the Sheltie said...

Great photos - you take the best group photos of anyone I know! I love snow and we had about an inch this morning that I zoomed around in but then it rained and now the little snow that is left is ugly. Oh well...

Vonnie said...

Seagull wow look at you go, so nice to see him having fun! What has Sizzle been up to! Group photo is fantastic as always!