Wednesday, July 21, 2010

some pictures ...

Sipzie continues to settle very well with us, it is joy to have her around. She is always happy running around, chasing the kitty, teasing the boys to play with her ...

Our bonding is up and down at the moment, I guess I left her with Colin in the caravan most of the time this weekend while I concentrate on my champ class and she now prefers Colin than me. Well, I cannot complain about it as I would like her to understand that she has to stay with Colin when I am not around. Also, she is open up herself more to meet other dogs, she definitely like puppies. She met Angie's Pink and she was mad about her, she wanted to play with her so much; then we met a Collie puppy near our camping, she just went bonkers, she ran like a lunatic ... we met a 6 months old bishon x long hair chihuahua in the Common yesterday, they ran and ran and ran ... maybe I should get a puppy to play with her? I think I have enough at the moment! Any puppy out there that I can borrow to play with Sipzie?
I continue to teach her more tricks and she is loving the clicker, we also play a lot in the garden. I now go into the routine that I will separate her and Sizzle for our playtime, so each one of them get my full attention. She loves the agility equipments in the garden. I purposely leave some of the equipments around but took the Dog Walk off. I also lower the jumps just in case she tried to jump over and the A Frame is on the puppy height to train Saturn, so everything is fine. She is happy to run around and sometimes take some jumps and even tried to race Sizzle over the A Frame. 

 here are some photos of Sipzie playing in the garden:
I have no intention to teach her the agility yet, we still need to make our bond stronger. I take her out with me most of the time, she glue to me the first week but now she got more confident, she will drift away to sniff for FOOD. She is a greedy little bugger. When we were at Rugby, she kept dragging me to the burger van. This week when we play in the garden, she suddenly lost her attention and sniff away near the see-saw (I train Sizzle with some yummy ham, I guess we must have left some there!). I need to get her to focus on me! She is very good when we go out walking, she is always stay close, never too far.

The only obstacle that I "train" is the tunnel. She is loving it, she is like a lightning going through the tunnel. We play a lot around the tunnel and nothing else. She is quite a powerful dog, she was so excited that she grab my arm a few times!

and this is my little man:
beautiful rose in my garden

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Diana said...

Great pictures. So glad you having such fun! Diana