Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Sipzie training update

These beautiful pictures of our Little Miss 
were taken by Chris Jones

I can't believe Sipzie is with us for FOUR weeks already, how time flies! I supposed we enjoy her so much that the time actually flown by faster! She is a little darling, everyone that meet her loves her and she loves everyone too. She is so well-behaved, so taking her everywhere is not a problem at all. My great thanks to Miguel who did a fantastic job raising her!

We continue to do our training daily, all sorts really, from a very basic ... SIT, STAY/WAIT, PAW to SHY, ELEPHANT TRICKS, SET-UP routine ... ah! She is great fun to teach and also a new challenge to me. She is very different to my boys! My boys are so willing, they only have their eyes on me, they are not easily distracted. Sipzie is great too but since her confidence grow, her level of concentration drop! We have to work hard on that! She is easily distracted by food/human/smell ...

She is a strong and crazy character, she loves to play which is brilliant. I thought Sing is a mad tugger not until I have Sipzie, she is 10 times stronger than him and is crazy! 

Over the last four weeks, I have do a bit of agility foundation training with her everyday, from going around the wing/pole to adding a bar on the floor then gradually putting a cross bar at the very low height. She loves her tunnel, so I make sure each time there is tunnel involved. She is a clingy dog which is a big challenge to me. I know I cannot run fast eventhough I am on a diet because of her. My boys are very good in working ahead of me so I am trying to teach her to go ahead. She is ok to go ahead if I chuck her toys for her to chase but she does not understand a STILL toy! We are still working on that!

I have set up 4 jumps into a tunnel in the garden, we are practicing on that everyday. I started recalling from the 4th jump then send her into the tunnel. I am hoping to be able to stay back at jump #2 but that is a bit ambitious right now!

I have also beginning to teach her left & right command. For some reason, she is better to turn right then left, I guess when I teach her to go around a wing/pole, I always turn her right, mmm ... 

Contacts wise, I think I am better off with Running instead of 2o/2o. I haven't have a good patient and being persistent enough to teach stop contact. You have to be firm to be able to have the most reliable 2o/2o. I have messed up Saturn's contacts and I do not want to repeat that mistake again. With running, that is it!

I only just started to teach her the DW plank yesterday, it would be interesting to see if we are any good at running, still early days yet.

 here are some compilations from our training:


Priscilla said...

She's doing such a great job :) Well done to both of you!

Diana said...

Her training is looking really good. The picture is just so beautiful! Diana

Rhoda said...

Awww what a fantastic pic of Sipzie, she is gorgeous! Her training looks like it is going really well :)

Ricky the Sheltie said...

Sipzie has learned so much in the four weeks she has been with you! You are doing an awesome job with her!!

Love Saturn's header photo!