Friday, July 16, 2010

catch up on agility news ... RVA

I find it difficult to find some spare time to blog at the moment, Sipzie is so full of energy, she keeps me busy all the time, if not, I have to give my attention to the boys who felt left out at the moment, especially poor little Sizz -man. Sipzie really likes him a lot, I wonder is it the colouring that look like Ypra? Or was it she can feel Sizzle is the youngest and playful? ...  All my boys are a real gentleman, they never learn to play rough and they do not like to play rough. Sipzie sometimes can be a bit too much for Sizzle, she is a powerful sheltie, size wise, mmm ... she is double the size of him! So, that does not help either! Luckily the kitty keeps her very busy too. Vindi is always looking for Sipzie and Sipzie is loving the kitty :)

We were at RVA, Peterborough last weekend. I was having two minds whether to go or not to go. Reason being, I only have Sipzie on Tuesday and I want to make sure she settles into our family, so taking her camping on Thursday maybe a bit too soon to get her out from the house. Also, I want to get her out and about to learn her new surrounding which will be part of our life in the future ... anyway, she settled in right away. She didn't show any sign of stress or discomfort. She joins in the pack like she has been here all the time.

So, I decided to take the caravan and the dogs off to RVA on my own on Thursday. Last week was very hot, Friday and Saturday were over 30c. Luckily, there were only 2 classes for each dog, an Agility and a Jumping class. I've entered Saturn and Sizzle, so I was having quite a relaxing time to socialise Sipzie when I am not running, that works out very well.

There were a Championship Breed Show at the same showground last weekend, Shelties is in Pastorla Group and the judging was on Friday. I got to sneak to have a look at some Beauty shelties during our lunch break. I've got to meet up with Saturn's breeder, she also has Sizzle's sire and Samber's sire.

As I was on my own on Friday, Colin was at work, so no video. I was just about to manage on my own. I purposely camp close to the hedge to get some shed and away from others, so walking to the rings were a bit further but not too bad.

 Saturn and his Jump/Hurdle trophy from Saturday

Saturn and Sizzle were running over the same courses but at different heights. I ran Saturn in the Agility this weekend, I think it is about time we should try to get him over some contacts. He was a good boy, his DW was so much better and his A Frame is getting there, he sometimes release himself before me but his SS is still awful. We did get placings in the Agility when he got his contacts. I am really happy with our progress. Saturn did some awesome Jumping last weekend, he won one of the class and we got a lovely trophy, it is a shape of a Jump/Hurdle. I always wanted a trophy with agility equipment and I am so glad that one of my boys fulfilled my dream. On Sunday, Saturn also did a lovely Jumping, unfortunately he missed the weave entry. The weave was placed very close to a cloth tunnel, it was very windy and the cloth tunnel end was blown open and he shoot out too fast and miss the entry. It was such a shamed as he ran beautifully and his time is good enough to win the class after redo the weave again. Saturn also did a lovely round in the C1-7 Steeplechase, he got a 5th in it.

this is Saturn's G4-7 Jumping on Saturday, 1st place:

this is Saturn's G4-7 Jumping on Sunday that he missed the weave entry:
Saturn's C1-7 Steeplechase:

This is Sizzle's first Grade 7 show. I was nervous, he is up against those big boys and girls. He is such a good boy, he worked very hard and he got a 2nd in Agility and 3rd in Jumping on Friday; 3rd in Agility on Saturday, I messed up the pull through in the Jumping with him again!!! Then 3rd in Agility on Sunday again, I messed up his Jumping, pull through again!! He also did a lovely C1-7 Steeplechase.

this is Sizzle's G4-7 Agility from Sunday:

Sizzle's C1-7 Steelplechase:

We are off to Rugby later this evening, tomorrow is Sizzle's first Champ. Yes, I am nervous and excited. I just wanted to go out and enjoy ourselves.

Here are some photos from Sing x Samber's puppies

here are daddy's girls at 11 months old, I can't believe they will be ONE next month! Where all the times go?
Sadie enjoying the sun in the garden
Tig was watching us enjoying our BBQ last weekend at RVA

lucky Skye holidaying in France



Angela said...

Have a great weekend, with Sizzle in your first champ class together, first of many....well done

Sara said...

What gorgeous runs you had with both Saturn and Sizzle! Saturn really looked excited to be out there running. I love the jump trophy! I've never seen one like that around here. How cool!

Good luck this weekend! My, you are busy!

Vonnie said...

Wow Lian Saturn is on fire! Your Pull throughs were really good! WTG wee Sizzle the big boys & girls will be watching out for you! Great pics of the pups! Good luck for the weekend!