Thursday, July 29, 2010

CAT out of hell!

I know nothing about cat, I am a dog person. Our kitty is just like Cat out of hell to me! She is naughty, well, I supposed all kitty are naughty or should we say over playful? I do not know what's wrong with her but I caught her peeing outside our bedroom and then found her poop on the pile of our newly wash clothes! Yuk! Naughty cat! Then, to top it worst, she does not want to scratch her own posh scratch board but prefers to scratch our sofa and Colin's work clothes!

She found our fish pond yesterday and trying to fish the gold fish! Luckily we have netting all over, or else she will be swimming in the pond. Can a cat really swim? I was laughing so badly to see her bounced on the netting (did cat have spring on their feet?) and by the time I got the camera out, I only have taken some bad photos! Well, animals don't post for photos!

Well, my handsome Sizzle is a great poser:

Sipzie ain't bad at all, such a lovely pair:

and this is what they do most of the time, playing with the cat, Vindi enjoys her attention from the shelties, if none of the dogs wanted to play with her, she will use her paw to hit them to tease them to play with her, she is particularly fond of Saturn's bushy tail and Saturn hates his tail being chase and for the cat to swing!!

Sizzle is a little poorly today, he has an upset tummy. I do not know if anything to do with this chew that I bought at Caerphilly show. He and Sing loves it.

and here is a compilation of our shelties funtime including Sipzie learning her "elephant" trick. The first video was our second attempt on the trick, I do not know what happened to the 1st one, I must have deleted the file by mistake as I cannot find the file at all and the last one was taken this morning, our 3rd attempt, hopefully we soon will get rid of my luring with my hand:


Sara said...

I can't see the movie!!! It says "private" :(

Hope Sizzle is feeling better soon. Oreo has that chew toy. He loves it too.

Priscilla said...

Oh! Naughty cat!!! Well, it's Colin's job to housetrain Vindi now!!
I love Sipzie's elephant trick :) what fun! Wish I could do that with Eva but can't stress her hindlegs.

Diana said...

Good thing that kitty it cute, huh? LOL Diana

Sara said...

Oh, Sipzie is doing fabulous with the elephant trick! What a fast learner!

Ricky the Sheltie said...

Getting three dogs to line up between your legs is priceless!! OMG it's too cute!

Sipzie's elephant is great - she moves her back legs so well and easily!

That darn cat! Lucky she didn't get caught up in the netting on the pond. I can't believe she jumped in!

Briggsi said...

Just love that kitten, such a delightfully evil expression!!!