Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Sipzie update

I cannot believe Sipzie is with us for a week now, the past week just flew by so quickly ... especially when you have an energetic "puppy"! She is full of bean, full of energy, full of life, full of fun, full of excitement ...

She settling extremely well with us, I need not have to worry at all. I thought with her age and being attach to Miguel, she will miss him terribly and her pack back in Belgium but she proves me wrong! She was looking for Miguel after we separated from Pet Traveling Scheme at Calais but soon we got into the train, she settled in nicely with Colin at the back travelling with her.

Our journey back was smooth, no holding up traffic or road work delay. I was expecting the boys to go crazy and over excited to welcome a new girl to their family, again I was wrong. They were too happy to see me and Colin (not surprised since we left home at 5am and back at 2pm! They were missing us!) and ignored her.

Sipzie took everything in her own stride, she is a bubbly happy outgoing girl, she immediately play with me in the garden soon we got home, then she settled in to play with Sizzle. She loves Sizzle very much. She thinks he is the most wonderful buddy in the world. She took her new family environment immediately, there is no sign of nerves or stress. 

She becomes very attach to me immediately, that is all I want. I think she is meant to be my baby after all.
She settled in her first night with no trouble at all, she slept on our bed and the boys being a typical Englishmen, they all jump off the bed to let her sleep with us but soon she jump off, they jump back into the bed and tuck themselves right close to me! She is a clean girl, she asked to go out at night which is wonderful eventhough she woke me up at 12 midnight. I do not mind that at all, I am delightful how well trained she is.

On Wednesday, we met up with Priscilla (Eva's mum). She is here to visit Rosalind, her daughter who is studying music in Cobham. We went for a walk at Oxshott Common, Sipzie was off lead walking with us for the entire walk. She sometimes wander off to sniff and check out the surrounding but most of the times she stayed right close to me. She really is an attach girl.

After the walk, we then went training. I have Priscilla holding her for me while I ran Sizzle. I was told she was whining and crying for me, I guess that is a good sign?
Then, on Thursday, I took the caravan and the dogs to Peterborough for Just Dog Live weekend. The weather was so hot and camping didn't make life easier. As I was on my own on Thursday and Friday, I tried to stay in the caravan with the dogs to keep them company and to make sure they stay in the shed. Thursday wasn't too bad, I arrived about 2pm and still be able to find some nice camping spot. We had a relaxing Thursday, after setting up the caravan and our garden, I took Sipzie for a little wander around the showground to socialise.

Friday was a little difficult without Colin. I have to run Sizzle and Saturn and help for one hour. That is a compulsory help, so it made it quite difficult for me especially in this heat. The boys are getting so much better to stay in the camping while I pop to quick loo trip but not Sipzie. On Friday morning, I left the dogs inside the caravan but have a window open to let the air in. I was going as far as 100 yards, I feel a cold wet nose touching my leg, there is Little Miss Sipzie walking alongside me!! That gave me a good scared!

When I went to run the boys, I make sure I close all the windows but left the top for ventilation. I have to say the temperature must be over 30c+ on Friday and Saturday, each time I came back from running a dog, the caravan was so hot and poor dogs were so hot too but I dare not want to lose her and have no choice. The one hour help in the afternoon was a hell for me, I was worried sick all the time about them being over heated in the caravan!

I was so glad to have Colin to join me on Friday night, this mean I can rely on him to look after the dogs while I was out in the ring. We took Sipzie with us each time I ran a dog. She was crying each time I ran the boys. Saturn wasn't bother by her at all but Sizzle wasn't too happy. She is a little too pushy and Sizzle a gentle wee boy and he does not want to share his mummy with her!

After my Agility run with Sizzle on Saturday morning. I asked Colin to take them back to the caravan as I am going to check out the other ring, then I got caught and chatted up with a sheltie friend. As we were happy chatting away, there come a nice little tri sheltie running towards us. I thought such a nice looking dog, then to realised she is my Sipzie! I was so shocked and called her name, she was so happy to see me and jump into my arm! Bless her! Just as I have her, the tannoy said: Lian Knight, your sheltie is on the loose! Arrrrggghhh ... I thought, NO! Not another one or two? As I was just next to the secretary tent, I pop over to ask them WHICH ONE? I started to get very panic and ran back to the caravan with her, then half way, I saw my lovely friend Angie belting down this end, she told me Sipzie ran towards the ring and closely followed by Saturn and Sizzle but Colin managed to get the boys back but not Sizzle and Sally (Tig's mum) was running after her! Well, I am very famous now! Apparently all my shelties are trespassing Ring 2 in a rocket speed! I thought the boys are getting so much better with Colin but I was told soon they see Sipzie escaped, they just follow her! Well, now, she is on the lead whenever I am not with her!

We finished about noon on Sunday but I have to fulfill my one hour help duty so we didn't get away until 3pm. We did get home before 7pm. More about our agility news in the later post. You cannot believe how energetic she is, she is keeping me busy all the time. She is not like a puppy that will spend most of the time sleeping. She is up most of the time and we have a lot catching up to do.

here are some photos:

Sipzie and her old daddy Migi

Miguel and his girls Ypra & Sipzie

here are Sipzie and her beautiful mum Ypra:

a very happy me and my very special little girl

she is a lunatic



Diana said...

She is just beautiful! Wow she is escapeing a lot that must be causing a lot of stress. Im glad she always runs to you. You must be very busy. Get some rest. Diana

Sara said...

She is such a sweetie!

How nice that you and Priscilla got to meet and spend the day.

ann said...

It was great to meet her today, Lian she is a real sweetie. It was good to catch up.

Ann x

Vonnie said...

Great she has settled in so well! OMG an escape artist is she LOL! At least they come looking for you! Colin will need to tighten up the dog reigns! LOL! Good that you got to me Prisilla too! Hot down there, winter up here! Great pics! Can't wait to meet her :)

Ricky the Sheltie said...

Sipzie is so beautiful! I bet it was super scary when she would escape but thank goodness she has already bonded with you so well that she came right to you every time!

It's great that you and Priscilla got to meet! It is so much fun meeting blogging friends!