Tuesday, July 20, 2010

more agility news ... from Rugby

My super Saturn surprised me once again at Rugby that he is not going to let Sizzle take all the glory, he won the G5-7 Jumping on Saturday, that is the only class he ran on Saturday! He has been waiting for the whole morning and he didn't get to run until 5pm! It was a tricky course, I managed to pull him off the tunnel trap after the tyre, Phew! It was a messy save but we did it! WooHoo! Two weekends in a row! He must be on fire!

this is Saturn's winning run, please excuse Sing's barking in the background:

I decided to give Sing a run, so he ran over the same course as Saturn but much smoother. I didn't do the pull through with him as I have not train him since he was injured last year, the push through seems to do really well to get him to turn tight and also the tunnel to the wrong end of the tunnel also worked much better. He came 2nd in this Jumping, just behind Saturn!

 this is Sing's run, now please excuse Saturn's barking in the background:
Saturday passed in a blur as I spent all morning concentrating on the Champ classes ...
Sunday is the Crufts Team Qualifier, we have one Medium Team and two Small Teams competing. The Medium Team ran before the Small. All the handlers and dogs were fantastic, is just hard luck that our last dog took extra jump at the end to get an elimination.
this is our Medium Team Run:
We had two Small Teams competing at Rugby, the first Team consist of Smudge, Brax, DeeDee and Sizzle, all four dogs were fabulous. There were a Team in front of us that had 4 clear rounds so we all knew the pressure is on if we want to get qualified. Louise & Smudge started us off very well, they ran fast and clear; then Matt & Brax put in another fast clear round; follow by Dawn & DeeDee; Sizzle and I were the last to go in the Team, after Dawn grab hold of my baton change, Sizzle and I just shot off, we ran fast and clear and came back to find out DeeDee had taken an extra jump too to get the Team eliminated. Hard Luck, so close yet so far! I wanted to say Thank You Very Much to Louise & Smudge, Matthew & Bracken and Dawn & DeeDee, you were all smashing, you are the best team-mates, WE are a great Team!
 this is our 2nd Small Team:

Later, Sizzle got The KC Olympia qualifier, he ran really well, unfortunately we weren't fast enough to get qualify:
Marie set up a very nice challenging C6-7 Jumping. I love Marie courses, I don't always get them right but they were good to run. There were a tunnel trap after a long stretch line of 3 jumps. Saturn and I did a lovely sequence and he turned so tight into the weave, he didn't even bother to look at the tunnel which surprised me but our pull through the gap wasn't good enough, he took the extra jump before he took the tunnel! Such a shame but never mind, I was please with the pull off tunnel:
I missed walking the Medium G1-7 Jumping but managed to watch a few dogs running it. I ran Saturn in it, we went clear but not good enough to get a place.


Vonnie said...

Super Saturn, you can just so the eagerness he has certainly stpped it up! Sizzle did really well to, some lovely runs! Sing well what can I say The Knights Shelties rule! Such a shame about the E on the Team brill run!

Christine said...

congratulations! :-)