Tuesday, June 28, 2011

catching up ... Part Four ... more agility, great experienced.

Sizzle and I went to the World Tryout yesterday. We have never done anything "serious" like this before. I just wanted to go along and gain some experience. With so many dogs and no one to look after them for us, we cannot lodge anywhere the night before, so we have to wake up at 4am to travel on the day. It took us nearly 3 hours to get there with good traffic.

I was too nervous and it was boiling hot, so I couldn't get to sleep on Sunday night. I didn't know what to expect either. I guess the excitement kick in as well. Believe me, when I got there, I was half dead. I was very tired and got a bit of headache at this humid weather too.

The venue was indoor, eventhough they tried to open as many door as possible but with handlers and dogs going in and out, it really got stuffy as the day goes by. I personally suffered a lot. I am not very good in the heat and I do not know how to handle myself in the heat either, I always get very grumpy and tired and suffer headache in the heat. Unfortunately, it hit me seriously hard on Sunday and yesterday. Oh, our car's air-conditioning broke down as well. JOY!

We were running indoor on a rubber surface. I have not run on this surface before and it is also Sizzle's first time. We got half an hour to do the warm up. They set up three sequences at three different heights for warming up, then swap over. We had jump-weave-jump; jump-tyre-jump; and three jumps. The Small, Medium and Large take turn to warm up at each sequence. The tyre is the European type that we don't normally see at the normal show. I am very pleased with Sizzle to be able to take that tyre in the correct way but I got worried when we did the jump-weave-jump sequence as Sizzle forgot how to weave and was busy sniffing at the particular pole, that got me really worry.

The running format at Round 1 is, Small, Medium, Large; then at Round 2 is, Medium, Large, Small; Round 3 is, Large, Small, Medium.

At each round, Small & Medium got 8 minutes to walk the course, then Large got 8 minutes to walk the course. We got to see the course map when they are setting up the course, so you get the idea what the course is like.

Round 1 is Jumping Round:
Running Order: Small, Medium, Large

At the Tryout, all FCI rules apply. NO collar; start on the whistle and whistle for elimination; and if you touch the obstacle, I am not sure did you get fault or elimination? Sizzle draw to run last at Round 1. Hey man! I was nervous like hell as you can see I got lost at jump #4. I nearly back jump jump #2! Thank goodness I realised before it was too late and managed to "push" Sizzle to jump #4. Poor dog, he surely needs a new handler!

Apart from the stupid mistake I made at jump #4 to cost us a refusal, he ran clear after that and here is the little video of Round 1:
Round 1 result:

 Round 2 course map:
Running Order: Medium, Large, Small

After walking the Round 2, I sat in there to watch all the Medium and Large. There were quite a few Large dogs. The weather got hotter and became rather humid. Just before they finished the Large, I felt like I am going to pass out in the heat, so I have to run out for some fresh air. That surely didn't help as when I ran Sizzle in this round, I was totally uncoordinated. It was a disaster!

Round 2, my disaster run with Sizzle:
Round 2 result:

Round 3 course map:

We had an hour lunch break before Round 3, it was good as I need a break from my disaster round. Also, I have learned not to stay in the whole time to watch all the dogs run. I go in and out to get some fresh air ... finally, we ran clear in this round, unfortunately with 2.984 time fault. Not sure if he got tired or the heat got on him but I can see in the video he was slowing down.

Round 3:

 Round 3 result: 

and this is the result after 3 rounds:

 Final Round course map:

Again, Small & Medium had 8 minutes to walk the course. I was so glad to be able to run in the Final Round. By this time, I was calm as I came with nothing but to enjoy the great experience. I am so glad Sizzle still run in the heat for me. I am not sure where the 5 faults came from, I thought we got marked on the Dog Walk but I watched the video many times and I don't think he miss the contact and the judge only raise her hand when I ran INTO the see-saw. This made me think is it me that got the fault and not Sizzle? I am not sure about the FCI rules but I've heard you either got faulted or eliminated if you touch the obstacle and I knew I did ran into the see-saw and very obviously touch it with my leg.

Sizzle at Final Round:
Final Round Result:
I loved and enjoyed every minute at the World Tryout. Although the weather was a bit too hot, otherwise, everything was lovely. Lovely judge Natasha Wise set up some real challenging courses and I am very proud of my little man to be able to tested on those courses. 

Small Team GB is consist of Bernadette with her super Zaz-star; Nicola Garret with her pocket rocket Indy; and Dawn Weaver with her amazing little Puzzle! Watch out for Team GB!

I am so tired but content! I love my little Sizz-man, for whatever he is!


Diana said...

Well done!!! I dont think Sizzle looked slow at all on that third run. I cant believe you got time faults. WOW. Great job!!

Vonnie said...

I felt clostophobic watching the vids! Very tight squeeze! You & your boy did good, some lovely runs! I am sure you are so proud he did so well! :)

Siri Segalstad said...

Lian, According to the FCI rules you get a 5 point penalty for touching the obstacle. So this is where you got your 5 points from - you and not Sizzle! He did very well! Great to see him run - but was that a cramped venue! Astra is very proud of her brother! Siri