Saturday, June 11, 2011

Sonic 12 weeks; Scara 18 weeks

Sonic is 12 weeks old today! His ears are still nicely tipped, I hope they stay that way so I don't have to worry about tipping them. He is definitely a slow mature boy, he beginning to LIKE food, so I can do more with clicker now! 

I decided not to go to Thames Agility Show today, not like me? I know. Colin needs to go to the banks to sort out his financial stuff so I thought it would be good to take Sonic to High Street to meet more people. We decided to go to Croydon, it is bigger and busier. I didn't realised they have a "market" there as well; so there were more people and more noise for him. He is one brave little boy, eventhough he is not too human-friendly but he say hello to many people.

 This picture was taken after we came back from Croydon, he was so tired and yet wanted to be out in the garden, just in case he missed something! He is a very busy boy who wanted to get involved in everything!

Scara was 18 weeks yesterday, she really is a daddy's girl. She is always happy to greet Colin when he comes home from work and loves to have cuddle with Colin. Funny how she is different with me. She is always busy and wanted to do something when I am involved!
 daddy's girl!
I have taken out her out to get used to traffic noises this week, she is slowly building up her confidence with the outside world. Today, Colin took her out a few times to walk around the block so she get used to walk with daddy instead of me. Colin is hoping that she will be his walking partner when she is older.

These two pictures made me smile A LOT. Sipzie dislike Sonic and Brooke but Sonic in particular. After Brooke joined her family, I have caught Sipzie tried to "kill" Sonic many times. Since then, I never let them be alone without my supervision. The tension between them got worst and I am watching like a hawk. Soon after Scara joined us, the situation changed. I can see Sipzie "released" her tension, she is happier around the puppies and in the last three days, she beginning to tease Scara to play with her. It was so good to watch her wanted to play with the little one. She is only a puppy herself and I like to see a bit happier at home and play with the others. 

 Scara 18 weeks

 I was warned that Scara loves water. I didn't realised how much she loves that water!! I found her climbing onto the rockery and was walking up and down the water!!! Then, of course Sonic joined in the fun as well!
 Sonic: the pond water is tastier!


Diana said...

Both puppies are sooo cute. Wow, Im glad Sipzie is feeling better about Sonic. That would be hard to deal with.

Vonnie said...

Lovely pictures of the pups! Nice too see them all playing! Colin looks :) with his girl!

Sara said...

Your puppies are so sweet, and obviously enjoying every minute!

I think it is nice that Colin has got himself a pup. I know Jeff would like one of his own too.

Ricky the Sheltie said...

I can't imagine having two Sheltie puppies at the same time! They are adorable but you have your hands full! Glad Sipzie has decided the pups are ok!