Monday, June 06, 2011

LOTs of news ... Happy Belated to Saturn; Agility @ Hinckley; and new addition ...

First of all,  
he turned SIX on Saturday, 4th June. I was away all day (nearly 20 hours!), so I could not post.
We had a great day out, eventhough he didn't do agility but we had a good walk and play and he had some lovely tasty yummy treat for his birthday. He is always a mummy's boy.

Agility news from Hinckley Champ Show. We woke up at 4am Saturday morning driven up to Hinckley. I've entered Sizzle and Sipzie at this show. There weren't any great classes there for Miss Sipzie, all the Medium classes are Combined 1-7 and sadly, for some lower grades dog, they only have ONE medium class, which is Combined 1-7 Agility on Saturday. I am very happy with her, she was running well but I don't think I was handling well, she missed her Dog Walk contact; I knew this is our weakest at the moment and I am still trying to fix this problem. Other than that, I kinda forgot the courses, especially the tunnel underneath the DW. I am so glad that she is getting her weave now and hopefully her confidence will rise and she will weave even more faster.

Sipzie - Combined 1-7 Agility:

Despite his tummy problem, Sizzle has been rested for the whole week doing no agility but only gentle walk, so I was expecting he will have energy for his Champ classes. He was running well in the Jumping round but my mishandling let him down again! He missed the 2nd last jump and we got eliminated, so getting into Final dream has once again evaporated! He also ran well in the Agility round, sadly our See-Saw contact was not good enough, more homework I think!

Sizzle's Champ Jumping:
Sizzle's Champ Agility:

After that, Crufts 6-7 Agility was a total disaster. I knew if we can pull through from jump #1 to #3, we will be alright but of course I was standing on the wrong place to do my "scoop" and he back jump #2 and we got eliminated in that class too. I like the course, it was very challenging, you need to work almost every obstacle.

Sizzle's Crufts 6-7 Agility:

new ADDITION to The KNIGHTs Shelties. Meet Cara Scara, a 17 weeks old sable and white little girl from Mohnesee Shelties. Her posh name is Mohnesee Cara Mia. She was a real surprised; we have no plan to have another one so soon after Sonic but she just happened to be there! She will be her daddy's girl and she already is a daddy's girl. She prefers Colin to me and she loves jumping up to Colin for cuddles. She was called Cara before joining us, as you all guess, all our KNIGHTs Shelties name with a S. We have been thinking of so many names over the weekend and finally settled to SCARA which sounds closer to CARA and she is responding well to her new name.

Sonic loves to have a little play-mate. I was very worried that having another puppy, especially a bitch puppy will upset Sonic. Everytime we met up with Brooke at the show, the first 5-10 min, she tried to kill her brother but soon she settled and calm, they play nicely together, so I was really struggled to agree to have a bitch puppy now but Colin wanted her VERY MUCH.
Luckily, both Sonic and Scara played very well together. Scara is very lively and bouncy, she has no off-switch. Well, being a Mohness Mr Palmer's daughter, she has to be "nutty"! We are very lucky to have her and we love her to bits.

My main worried is training with Sonic. I thought he will be all distracted by her but he prove me wrong, two days in a row! First, I kept Scara in a different room, as you can guess, she wants to join in, so she screams, barks, whines ... but Sonic wasn't bother by all the noise she made. He was focus on my clicker training and tug game. I am so happy and proud of him. Then, later, I have Scara in the same room and did the same routine with Sonic and to my surprised, he was very good. He is all focus on what I am asking from him. I am so chuffed!

Sonic is a good player, he loves all his toys. He will play his toy himself; with me (or any human-being); and with other dogs. Scara does not know how to play. She tried to pick up toy but does not know how to deal with it and thank God, Sonic taught her how to play. That was so wonderful to watch. He will tease her to steal his toy but he is very good in keeping the toy in his mouth, so Scara has to tried harder. Over the last two days, she learned from Sonic that toy is a good game. Hopefully when she gets more confidence, I will interact the toy with her.
Scara will be Colin's dog but I can see that I am the one that trains her. Anyone who knows Colin knew how much he loves Seagull. Seagull's sire is Mohnesee Dreamsmith, a great dog in the sheltie history. Colin always wanted another Mohnesee sheltie. Colin loves his long walks, unfortunately Sing's injury cannot cope with anymore long walks; Seagull is never a good dog to take out for more than 30 min walk; he will not walk in the rain/snow or wet condition. His battery only last for 20min. Saturn and Sizzle are too much of mummy's boys. They will not go out with daddy, if ever mummy's is not well and daddy has to take them out, they have to stay on the lead as soon they are off lead, they will ran away from daddy and come back to mummy! Colin has tried taken Sipzie out but she also beginning to hesitate to go for a long walk with him; so this is why Colin has been thinking to get his own dog lately who he can take out for many good long walks.
Scara is very agile and crazy, I will train her alongside with Sonic, so she will be a truly KNIGHTs Sheltie. She is very tiny, only 11 inches at 17 weeks old. I think Sonic will be bigger than her very soon.


Diana said...

Congrats on your new puppy. She is very cute. I dont know how you guys do it.
Great looking runs! I wouldnt have even notice a mistake if you hadnt told us. Awesome weave poles for Sizzle, I cant believe he stayed in there.

Priscilla said...

Happy Birthday, Handsome Saturn!!!

verobirdie said...

The birthday boy is very handsome on his pictures.
Welcome to Scara. Glad she and Sonic are already good pals.

Angela said...

Happy Birthday, how exciting for Colin with his new arrival xx

Ricky the Sheltie said...

Congratulations on your new puppy Scara! Seems like she will fit right in and I am happy that Colin will have a new buddy!

Vonnie said...

It's not on all these combined courses - it's not quantity but quality :) Sipzie copped well! Sizzle looked like he was up for it, what a shame - everything happens for a reason :) Scara is lovely, Sonic is getting bigger!

Vonnie said...

Oh, and how could I forgot Handsome Saturn hope he had a lovely B'Day! Who he shares with his mum ;)