Tuesday, June 28, 2011

catching up ... Part One ... PUPdate

It has been stressful, tired and busy for the last two weeks with the leakage and heating/hot water chaos; with two hooligans charging around like a lunatic all the time didn't help either! With the puppies, you can't tell them off or restrict them too much, well not with my puppies anyway. So, when the workers were here to work on the leakage and the Boiler in the last few days, I have to keep all SEVEN shelties in one room, you can imagine how mad we were. Even the big ones got stressed due to these two crazy puppies! Oh, how did I forget the cat ... so we have two mad puppies tried to attack the poor cat (you occasionally hear the puppies yelp, I think the cat got them!) and the five big ones stay out of the way, so they were all up on the sofa!

Sorry, I've missed out Sonic @ 13 weeks and Scara @ 19 weeks. I was planning to do my puppy growing up training video weekly, unfortunately I just haven't got time. Hopefully everything should be back to normal in the next two weeks, so I can do a proper catch up. For now, some random photos ...

 this is Mai handsome boy Sonic enjoying himself in the morning sun at 14 weeks old.

 No ball is too big for this little man

come and get me!
he is very cheeky, prefer to drink off the pond water

 small tennis ball is fine too

 Or a chew?
Sonic is like Sing when he was younger. Whenever we go out walking, he will always find something and then he will carry around with him most of the walk ...

 this wasn't a set up photo. I caught the father and son enjoying the morning sun 

It was boiling hot on the weekend, we set up a paddling pool in the garden. Believe me, Sonic will slam his break hard when he sees a puddle when we go walking but he loves the paddling pool.

this is Scara taken at 19 weeks old ...
 Scara at 20 weeks
 happy tunneling
 always happy
 never too early to start agility?
she is getting very good in retrieving the ball for me

enjoying the paddling pool with daddy

 a very happy daddy and a very happy little girlie :D

 two crazy pups!


Diana said...

Things have been crazy at your house. I hope it calms down soon. The puppies look awesome and so much fun.

Sara said...

Love the photo of Colin with his girlie!

Both pups are just gorgeous!

Priscilla said...

Everything looks bright and sunny and beautiful.

The picture of Happy Daddy and his little girl is gorgeous!

Vonnie said...

Must have been a nightmare! Lovely pics of both! Colin looks so proud of his wee girlie :)