Thursday, June 30, 2011

catching up ... Part Six... puppy training with Scara

Scara has been with us nearly 4 weeks now. She is settling in very well. I am not rushing her into any form of training, she has a lot of socialisation to catch up. She has been out and about at the dog shows, she is 6 weeks older than Sonic so she is allow out near the competition rings but not Sonic. She is a bit nervous as well as excited when she sees the dogs doing agility. She is not sure about those excited dogs barking and running and at the same time, she wanted to join in. I am sure she will get confident sooner or later.

As mentioned in one of my earlier post, she has been a naughty girl at her first camping trip with us to Axstane. She tried to escape from the garden area 7 times on Saturday morning. I wasn't sure how she did it, she either jump over the fence (easily) or crawl under (easily), either way, that is not allow! At the end, I have to keep her in the puppy pen for most of the day, only let her out when I am supervising her. If everything goes well, we are going to camp at Wellingborough show this weekend, we will see if she behaves then.

I have taken her out a lot for the last three weeks, mainly to walk on the pavement to let her get used to noisy traffic, walked past bus stops and schools and stations. She doesn't like the crowd at the bus stop. Every morning, I choose the peak hours to take her out, so hopefully she will get used to them soon. She is absolutely fine with the school children. How weird!

Training wise, I've done very little with her. She is a fast learner and very keen learner too. She is greedy, that is a good start to clicker training. She can do sit, down, left & right and hand touch. I am still trying to get her to play with me. She will play anything with Sonic but if I interact, she will stop. She loves me but she hasn't got the idea that she can play with me. She is very bouncy, very happy little girlie. She hasn't grow or maybe grow very little since we have her. We love her for whatever she is.

Many people ask me if I will breed from her, the answer is ONLY if she grows big enough to carry babies inside her :) She is 5 months old now and I don't see she will be big for that :) Whatever size she comes in, we love her!

She is a gummy bear at the moment. She is loosing her baby teeth FAST! Daddy Colin being a good daddy. He is very good in catching up his training with Scara too ... to take her out for a little walk everyday on her own after he comes back from work, no matter how late that is. Colin loves Scara too bits and Scara loves daddy too! Happy ending!

Now, here is a little video of Scara doing her sit, down and left & right and hand touch; and also introducing her to the scary Rocker Board:


Vonnie said...

Gorgeous and clever girlie :)

Diana said...

She is very smart. You must be so busy with all these dogs.