Wednesday, June 08, 2011


My stressed level is sky high at the moment! We discovered some water in the store room a couple of weeks ago but never realised where it came from. Then, when I was away at JDA, Colin rang to tell me the soiled pipe is bursting! Dam! We cannot use the bath and basin upstairs as all the water will come through the soiled pipe; and the downstairs shower has no hot water! Sadly, we had more rain than we wish for, and we can't get a plumber in to sort it out!

The Store room is part of the old garage that we converted in Summer 2009. There already have two doors joining to the house, so we thought we will section up about 4 foot for storage. We hardly use the garage as it is too much hassle putting the car in and out, so we thought we will create an extra living space. The bigger part was originally plan for a study room or extra lounge but it never happened. Colin is at work at least 13 hours a day and we are away at the dog show most weekends ... When the extra room is done, I used it to train baby Sizzle in there and he absolutely loves this space. Everyday, he will ask to go in, either he wants to play or he wants some quite time off from the hooligans. Then, I used it as the whelping room. It is quite spacious and I can easily separate the others and I can sleep in there with the bitches, so it's brilliant. Now, we named the room "the whelping room".

The Store room has all sorts of pipes around the wall and electrical cable around the ceiling, so it's good to partition up to cover the ugly bits. When we converted the rooms, we have not touch any of the pipes or electrical cables but just last winter, we found the leak on the soiled pipe. It was an old soiled pipe, the metal type. I asked my cleaner's husband who is a handyman if he can fix the problem and he did the job plus changing all the gutters for a reasonable price. It was good until now.

I am no professional but by the look of it, he has done a cow boy job. First of all, his connections were rubbish and the gutters around the edge are also leaking when we had heavy rain. I also found that he has not done anything to cover the ceiling properly and left a hole, so this is why we had rain water coming through. My guess of the soiled pipe bursting is there is a blockage on the drain and the water cannot flow/flash down quick enough. Having a big willow tree and their leafs are not helping. We seems to have trouble with the train full of willow tree leafs in windy days.

Unfortunately, the water had traveled all the way to the whelping room as well, so we now had two underwater rooms. Very annoying and yet there is nothing I can do to stop it until the plumber comes to fix it! All wooden furniture in the store room are now rotten, I dare not look at the furniture in the whelping room. I think we will have a big job done soon the plumber sort the leakage out.

 the soiled pipe, below picture, on the right up corner, that is the hole where the rain water comes in.

 and I also found a hole on the floor, it wasn't there before, so my guess is the "cow boy" has dug a hole and not sealed it up properly, so we probably have water coming from the top and bottom as well.

ARRRRGGGGHHHHH ........................


Sara said...

Oh, what a mess. I hope you can get it fixed and back to normal soon.

Plumbing probelms are the WORST!

Diana said...

Wow, thats not good. I hope it gets fixed soon.

Ricky the Sheltie said...

Sorry - that is a huge mess! I am sure it can be fixed but hope the plumber gets there soon!

Priscilla said...

Oh dear, hope the pipe is fixed as soon as possible!

Vonnie said...

Hope you get it sorted out!

Anonymous said...

hope you get that sorted out.