Thursday, June 09, 2011

Sheltie ears!

Sizzle before his ears trim

I received the latest Nutshell on Tuesday, the front cover is this beautiful tri bitch CH Janetstown Jeana. The first thing that notified me is her beautiful ears and her sweet expression. I am pretty good at grooming my dogs but my only down side is I never seems to be able to trim their ears to standard, this is why I try to leave them for as long as I can, I do not want to damage their good look because of me. After seeing this beautiful bitch, I decided to have a go with Sizzle (poor dog)!

The Nutshell with CH Janetstown Jeana on the front cover

 and this is my result:
It took me more than hour just to trim his two ears but now I have a problem. After a good trim, meaning remove a lot of dead hair and thinning hair around the areas, both his ears are much lighter and they now sticking up!! Sizzle's ears are natural, I don't have to use any kit to tip his ears, I feel very lucky about it and his ears are beautifully tip a well, not too heavy either and now I am gutted as the weight from the hair is lifted and they are now sticking up! I like my shelties to have nice ears!

After a good massage, they now back into the proper position but I know I have to keep doing it, otherwise it will go up again! Arrrggghhh ... Sheltie ears!!


Sara said...

Sizzle has beautiful ears ~ up or down, that sweet expression on his face doesn't change!

Diana said...

Hmm, thats weird that they would stick up after all this time. usually the cartilege is now formed to keep them tipped. But they look good anyways. I always have such a hard time clipping my dogs ears.

Priscilla said...

Sizzle looks so cute with his ears sticking up! What a neat job you've done to make them back into the proper position again : )

Ricky the Sheltie said...

Sheltie ears seem to be impossible! I agree that Sizzle is cute no matter what. His ears will probably go back to being tipped though - don't worry!

Vonnie said...

LOL! Lovely ears like Ellie. Khandi has the most beautiful tipped ears ever!