Monday, September 17, 2012

agility update

I've entered Southam show, thinking that we will be IN our new place then because the venue is only 3 miles from our new house. Thank God I've entered as I was getting rather worried that Sonic has not been measured. He is well over 15 months as I haven't been going to any show, and I've trying to contact some measurers to see if they will do a private measuring outside the show but everyone is too busy at the show season. I have no choice but to drive up to Rugby on Saturday morning to have Sonic measured there. 

I have been so relax this year, no early morning and I actually struggled to wake up at 4am! It took me 2 hours to get there. I wasn't too worry to miss Sizzle's run but I wanted to get Sonic measured. He got measured before the show starts which is brilliant, so I can just concentrate with Sizzle later. 

I've entered 3 classes with Sizzle and 1 class with Saturn. I've done 2 classes within the first hour and have to wait 6 hours before our last class! That was a hell of waiting! Oh well, with no training and practice, we had been eliminated in all classes. They weren't particularly hard courses, Sizzle just took extra jumps in every class. Hahaha ... also, in the last class, he pop out at 10th pole, I put him back again, and he still pop out 10th pole, so I pull him out, thinking his back must have been "gone" again!

Saturn ran well but very unfortunately drop a bar!

No videos, Colin was at home puppy-sitting and I hate to ask people to film me.

Although I entered both days at Southam but I decided to do UKA on Sunday, so that Sonic can do a bit of agility. I found a multi-dogs friendly B&B in Coveney, the owner Doris also does agility with her dogs, that's just perfect. She is such a lovely lady, we get on very well. I highly recommend this B&B, they only charge £3/dog, the place is very clean and quiet. There is a big field across the B&B for the dogs to run around. Saturn, Sizzle and Sonic are great travellers and they made travelling so much easier with them. 

We went to UKA @ Littleport on Sunday. I entered 5 NFC classes with Sonic and he worked very well, I am so pleased with him. We made a lot of mistakes but that give me some ideas what we can do and what we need to practice. Poor boy has not been to any training since June and no practice in the garden either. I was real chuffed with his see-saw performance. He has not done any other see-saw apart from home. He has no hesitation and ran all the way till the end and stop and wait for me to release. I have never have a dog that has such a brilliant see-saw and I am holding my breath and determine to keep him this way. His running Dog Walk and A Frame were faultless, he even managed weaves! He is not a great jumper, he is too busy barking at me if I am behind and would not go on! Our main problem is if the jump ahead is in an angle, he will not take it, he either run around like a loose canon or bark at me in frustration. Also, the flick flack, rear acorss is not going so well either! There are too many things need to practice! In the last class, it was Beginners Steeplechase 2, it's a lovely course running up and down and for once, Sonic ran clear and fast :)

this is our first class of the day, Beinngers S/Chase 1, there is this kind gentleman to film us, the only one all weekend :) (as you can see he is one barky loose canon!)

Sizzle had 3 classes and he did all the weaves correctly! WooHoo! I so wanted to get him into Champ Steeplechase  guess what? He drop a bar :( but he won the Power & Speed :)

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Vonnie said...

Well done wee Sizzle :) Sonic telling you off Lian LOL! Good to hear Saturn was competing :)