Tuesday, September 18, 2012

tricky T-day

This week's tricky T-day star is little S-Flint! I have received emails and text messages asking me about this little guy; sorry I have not introduce him ... this is a Sing's son by a lovely little tri girl called Wilma, I am sure you now know where his name comes from :)

I went to visit him and his sister Tease when they were 5 weeks old, I fell in love with both of them. They  have superb temperament to die for, very outgoing, forward and playful. I came home and struggle with my feeling about having another puppy ... as I have one on her way here in October. I've been through having raised two puppies at once twice and I was struggling. I swear I never go down that road again but what do I have now?

Sing is nearly 11 and Sipzie's will be probably his last litter. I've always wanted a Sing's tri colour son. I was secretly praying that Sipzie will give me a tri colour boy but she decided not! One week after Sipzie's pups were born. My feeling towards S-Flint grew stronger. I woke up that Sunday morning and said to Colin: I'll HAVE him! (I've been discussing this "puppies thing" with him and he is always supportive and he knew what will make me happy) SO, S-Flint came to join his daddy and half brother Sonic at 7 weeks old puppy. 

We can't find a S name that suits him. His posh name is Sings Summer Wonder, we tried calling him "Summer" or "Secret" but they are just not him. As his mama is call Wilma, we tried to go down the Flintstone characters like Dino (SDino?), BamBam (SBam?), Fred (SFred?), nothing that we like! We kinda have in mind that we will call him Flint but that missing a S and he is response well to Flint, so the name Flint stays. We are calling him Flint but to make him more like The KNIGHTs Shelties family, it will be written as S-Flint!

S-Flint is very different from Sonic, in fact, they are nothing like each other at all. You would not believe they are both Sing's sons. Personality wise, Flint is more like Sing, very outgoing, bald, friendly, loves people and loves other dogs. Taking him out socialisation is never a problem. He plays with any size dogs in the Common he met, he ran up to people to say hello to them; where Sonic is very reserved. He is clever but not as a quick learner as Sonic. Sonic is more like Sing when comes to learn something. He picks a new tricks like he already knew it where Flint takes a while to learn a new behaviour. Although Flint is very playful, he loves his tuggy but he never like a ball. What? A Sing's son that not liking a ball? Oh dear!

I tried to teach him to play with a ball but he never really taken to it, to be honest, I was very disappointed! I was away on the weekend with Sonic, Sizzle and Saturn to do a bit of agility and Colin has been secretly practising playing ball with him to impress me. What a wonderful husband he is! He really know how to please me and wants to make me happy. Sometimes, I think I over shadow my lovely husband, I am really impress how he remembered what we did in Flyball. When he showed me how he taught Flint to retrieve a ball and bring it back by running away ... 

and this is the result:

and this is a bonus little clip of Flint, I call it "puppy abuse", hahaha ... we were busy packing for moving and he wants to join in and pick up a few tape and this and that, we got him on film while he sat on a piece of tape and is chasing his own tail, so funny! Then, he stood on another piece of tape ... crazy puppy!

BTW, he is one very cheeky and naughty puppy that he super bitey! He plays rough, thank God he is tiny. He is very pushy and likes to bully his big brother Sonic. Sonic is such a tolerate dog, that makes me wants to protect him from this little rascal!

not the best photo but you know how happy they are :)


Vonnie said...

Awww bless Colin, think S-Flint is going to be a daddy's boy ;) Puppies just make you :) Yip, the boys are all very :)

Sara said...


Chris and Ricky said...

Awesome! Glad you decided to take Sing's tri pup! You know how much I love those tris! :)

Colin did a wonderful job teaching fetch!

Priscilla said...

Colin did a fantastic job!

Flint is so adorable!