Sunday, September 02, 2012

Sing x Sipzie puppies have arrived

Sipzie and her new born babies

Sipzie has had delivered her puppies last week. Poor Sipzie has a very difficult birth that involving two long days, one stressful night and ended up at the emergency vet. I have informed our vet about her due date just in case we needed them. I've just loved my new vet, she is devoting to her job with love to all animals. 

Well, Sipzie has been digging her bed two weeks before her due date, she has been scratching, nesting .... I put layers of cardboard paper/newspaper/vet beds/towels, and we always ended up like this:

I have been sleeping with her a week before her due date, so that I could keep an eye on her. She has been restless since Saturday. She totally refused food after her morning scrambled egg, I was ready for action. Her temperature suddenly dropped at Sunday 2am. I thought to myself, puppies soon! But her contractions didn't begin until Sunday 2pm. She was looking very uncomfortable, instead of digging/nesting, she chew the newspaper! I tried to comfort her by talking and petting her, the more I pet her and talk to her, the louder she screamed! There were no sign of any water bag ...

Her contractions got more frequent at around 4:20pm, Sipzie was totally beside herself. Still, nothing! At 5:20pm, I saw a pair of tri colour legs and a tail. Oh No! Breech birth! That's the last thing I want! I've tried to get the puppy out as quick as I can but she is stuck. We rushed her to Stone Lion Hospital in Wimbledon.  I've never drive like bat out of hell before but I did last Sunday afternoon. By the time I've got there, she has delivered the tri girl in the car but sadly, she didn't make it. I was highly stressed! But, the vets and nurses at Stone Lion were just brilliant. They are so professional and highly trained team. 

The vet quickly has Sipzie all checked up, ultrasound to check for more heartbeat, and thank God, we have good heartbeat from the puppies. She was given oxytocin and calcium to help speed up the next puppy. Nearly three hours gone after her first pup, there was still no sign of any contraction. The vet gave her another oxytocin, 10 minutes later, the contractions start and she soon delivered this beautiful tri girl. 

tri girl, born 6oz

After that, Sipzie made us wait again! Another three long hours of waiting, I thought I saw mild contraction and I lifted her back end and saw tons of blood coming out. I alarmed the vet and she came to check on her. She told me there is no puppy in the birth canal and I was getting very worried and we agreed that we will go for caesarean. As the vet and nurses went to prepare the theatre, I thought I saw a pair of sable legs and a sable tail. I told myself I won't be that unlucky to have 2 breech birth in one litter. I get Colin to go and get the vet and I tried to pull this boy out, sadly, we lost him as well! At that time, I was so close to collapse! All my stress and emotion must have upset Sipzie. Vet suggested we should go home and leave her there for them to take care of.

I didn't like to leave my dog, especially in this situation but the vet thinks my present has upset her; so we left the vet at midnight. On Monday, 2:30am, vet rang to tell me that she has delivered a healthy boy at 2am. The vet suggested we collect her in the morning, so we did. 

shaded sable boy, born 8oz

Sipzie and her puppies settled back home on Monday morning. Both puppies are looking very well, Sipzie is a great mama. I cannot believe my crazy maniac girlie changed overnight into a devoting mama. She cleans and feeds her puppies well.

Sipzie was not coping very well after she delivered her puppies. She was all confused and messed up after a hard labour, she would not eat at all apart from drinking. I offered her anything, everything, she just turned her nose away. I was worried sick as she needed food for herself and for her puppies. She has not got temperature and her gum is looking pink. I had to ring up our vet to seek advice on Tuesday. Thank God I did. My vet suggested liquid diet. I soak some puppy biscuit and mixed/blend with goat's milk and syringe into her. Then, on Wednesday, I went in with Sonic for his acupuncture, I picked up a couple of tin of Hill's AD diet, I mixed that with goat's milk and syringe that into her too. After Wednesday, she beginning to lick the AD liquid diet. Then, on Friday, she slowly taking some soft solid food ... we are doing well. She is now completely back to her normal self. Still nesting but not as bad but is eating very well! Phew!

 2o/2o training already LOL

 daddy on guard duty

 Oh yes, Sipzie still nesting up till now :) poor puppies!!

Puppies are one week today. Girl was born on Sunday and boy was born on Monday! Weird! But they are two very strong puppies!


Diana said...

Wow, how stressful. Im glad Sipzie is ok. The puppies are very cute.

Vonnie said...

Very stressful time for you all! Good to hear mum and pups are doing well :)

Sara said...

Oh what a stressful few days. So sorry to hear about the two little ones who didn't make it, but am glad that Sipzie and babies are doing well.

The babies are gorgeous.

Priscilla said...

Look at those cuties! They soothe every nerve of yours!

corbinwooten said...

Oh my gosh! How stressful.

I am glad Sipzie is doing okay now, and the two little puppies are beautiful. I am looking forward to watching them grow.

Chris and Ricky said...

Two beautiful tiny puppies! I am sorry it was so stressful for Sipzie and for you and I am sorry about the two pups who didn't survive. Hope everything else continues to go smoothly!