Thursday, September 13, 2012

quick pups-date

Sipzie's puppies are getting more active now. Today, they got to let out of the puppy pen and exploring the lounge! Little girl Rona is far more active than her fat brother :), she is trying hard to crawl around the whole lounge, big brother Sonic loves his baby sister and baby brother, he is so gentle and nurse them. It's just beautiful to watch. If Sonic is a girl, I am sure he will be the best mama!

Fat boy is seriously FAT, hahaha ... he is slow maturing, I think he needs to exercise more! He only just open his eyes 2 days ago, 3 full days later than Rona. He is very cute though, fat and clumsy and wobbly but he is the fastest than crawl up to the milk bar!

Mama Sipzie is doing a great job keeping her babies clean. Her favourite is to try to hide her puppies. Each morning, I woke up to find the two puppies buried underneath the blanket!

 I just loved this picture, Sipzie's expression is priceless. She is very happy to bury her puppies!

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Vonnie said...

Awww bless. Sipizie's expression :) Love the names :)