Tuesday, September 04, 2012

tricky T'day!

Mmm ... I can't remembered if I ever did joined in the "Trick T-Day" series? Or did I post some "Tricky T-Day" post? I was totally inspired by Sara and her clever shelties Oreo & Chewy showing off their trick. I determined I am going to teach Sonic this trick. 

I went to buy a set of new Tupperware (good reason to spend some money on the shelties!), some yummy treat and got my clicker out and we are ready to learn a new trick. I have been teaching Sonic to hold something (normally a Flag to start with) in his mouth, but like his daddy, he never really did hold anything in his mouth for more than a second! Tough! We tried harder each time, the longer duration we got now is one whole second and that's it! We are stuff :(

Anyway, when I show him these two different sizes Tupperware, he immediately put his 4 paws inside the smallest Tupperware! Doh! I tried breaking it by sliding the Tupperware to a distance so he has to fetch it to me. Guess what? I LOVE this little boy of mine too much! He fetch the Tupperware to me and put his 4 paws inside! We tried that a couple of times and each time is the same. Fetch the Tupperware and immediately jump in it! I didn't click the behaviour of course, he is just too cute so I have to give him treat!

I've decided to give Sonic a break and let him think that is not what I want from him. The other boys wanted to have a go as well. I know Saturn can do that quite easily as he has a very strong hold; and so do Sizzle. Maybe my lovely old boy Sing? He never like to hold anything in his mouth but you won't believe he has the best hold and into position when we do Obedience! He will only hold the wooden dumbbell, not the plastic one though! He has an amazing presentation with the wooden dumbbell!

What do you think teaching an OLD dog a NEW trick? Bless him, he is nearly 11 now!
This is a very honest video, no preparation in advance, no editing. I am just amazed by my old boy! He really made my day.


Sara said...

That was awesome! Sing's so enthusiastic about it.

Oreo's first choice was to put his feet in the bowl too...I guess we do "foot" tricks too often.

Priscilla said...

The older, the wiser!

Clever boy, Sing!

Chris and Ricky said...

Love it!! Look at Sing's tail wagging the entire time! He was very happy to be learning a new trick!

Vonnie said...

Awww look how excited he is :) Love how he puts his paw in first, steadying the bottom tub maybe maybe clever boy :)

corbinwooten said...

So clever! And a happy boy, too :)