Monday, July 04, 2011

Sonic 15 weeks; Scara 21 weeks

I was feeling poorly for nearly a week now. Colin cooked a super hot chilli con corne on Monday that upset both of us. I think the spice hit me just right and I had stomach cramp for 5 days! I thought I will get better for the weekend but it got worst. I couldn't stand upright on Friday and have to give up agility! Arrrggghhhh ...

Sonic turned 15 weeks on Saturday. I can see a big changed in him in the last few days. If you remembered me saying that he is not a human-oriented dog. Oh well, he surprised me by saying hello to a few people in the last few days. Normally, I will let him approach people instead of asking people to make a fuss over him. I do not want him to fear of people. On Thursday evening, we took him out to the Common with the big boys. He saw a group of teenagers sitting on the grass drinking beer, he happily ran over to them and jump on their lap. My first reaction was Oh My God! I was worried about these people will pushed him off and do nasty things to him and thank God, these are nice kids. They fuss all over him and played with him. I can't say thanks enough to them to do such good job which he needed the most. Then, we saw a man with a big dog. Again, he ran over to him to say hello. He was jumping up and down on him and as a dog lover, I was expecing him to be kind to a little one which he did. So another good experienced for Sonic. Then, on our way home, we met a jolly woman on the pavement. Sonic was so happy to see her and he was jumping up and down to say hello, this lady was very good and make a big fuss out of him. I was hoping this is not a one off. On Friday evening, we met a man in the Common without dog, I was a bit worried as I do not want him to push Sonic off if he go up to say hello. Sonic just stood there and watch him and I was watching him like hawk. The man totally ignored him, so I thought maybe it is good to call him off, just in case nasty thing happen to him. He was very good with his recall, he came with me as I called. Later, we met a dog owner which I knew, so I let him going up to him to say hello. He was very good boy, he was jumping up and down but he let him stroke him and stood there calmly. I was very pleased with that. I thought this is a great improvement from him. Maybe he is just a slow developer!

His training is coming on well, he has learned a couple more tricks this week, one of them is my favourite, SHY! He was very good boy and he seems to pick it very quickly. I've also taught him "IN" the box. He always get very excited and his paws were all over the place but he knew only when his four paws in the box that he will the treat. It is funny to watch him tried to get all his four paws in the box. Maybe I should give him a bigger box but its too late to go back now. He is one cleve little boy. I tried to video these tricks but you can only see half of Sonic, mmmm ... my focus is getting so bad! I need to wait for Colin to film us.

In the garden, we do a lot of playing and racing up and down still, on top of that, I've added the play with jump wings in it. I've taught him left & right and go on, so on Sunday, I decided we will add figure of 8, pivot turn and out around ...

Sonic @ 15 weeks:

His retrieving skill is getting better each day. He now confidently retrive anything I throw with me running away from him. If I am standing still or sitting down, he will tease me to come and get the toy off him. Very cheeky little man! This way, he is very much like Sing. Sing always tease me to get a toy off him if I am sitting down! Now, who is the boss? I am a loser :)

He loves to play, anywhere, anytime. He is getting very good in retriving the ball when we are out in the Common, unless something distract him but we are working on the distraction. I have to say, he is very good with distraction and I am so proud of him.

His unique way of retriving the tennis ball

 with so many pretty girls around him, his best buddy is still Uncle Sizzle!

Oh! He now earned another nick name "big ears"!!! His ears are beginning to stick up now, I need kaolin & poultice to fix them! The right ear is a little stubborn compare to the left, so I decided to apply some of kaolin & poultice to both ears and they are now look a bit droopy :(((( Oh Shelties ears!!!! This means he is coming to teething stage and I am expecting more stuff to be chew off!!! He is a great destroyer. He likes to chew cardboard box, the empty loo roll, tissue paper, newspaper ... luckily nothing valueable like shoes and cables. I just need to have plenty of supply of cardboard boxes and tissue papers! Oh and someone to hoover my lounge after that!

 ... or a piece of lamb chop

Scara turned 21 weeks on Friday. She is a very happy girlie. She is always busy and "ready to go". I am still trying to find her off switch! She seems to have never-ending energy while all the others are fast asleep and she is still quite awake looking for some fun.
do you like my smiley face?

Training wise, we are progressing slowly. I think she still need a lot of sociliastion. When we take her out walking in the Common, she is more interesting in chasing joggers and bicycles. This is the last thing I want if I have to let her go off lead. She comes out walking with the big boys in the morning while Sonic joins the big boys in the evening walk. She is also a busy sniffer. It is hard to distract her from sniffing, not even with a roast beef or yummy ham! We are still working on some basic training.

She is very friendly with all people, so taking her out meeting people is not a problem at all but she is a bit unsure towards the dogs we met in the Common. She is doing very well though, she is getting better with the dogs she has seen before, hopefully before long she gains her confidence to meet more dogs.

I am still trying to interact with her with toys. She like to retrieve the tennis ball in the garden but she will not retrieve or play while we are out walking. She is easily distracted and I need to find a way to make myself more interesting than the distractions :)

 fetching the tennis ball
 who gets the ball?
 Scara: this is my ball
 Sonic: this is my ball too!
 Scara and her lamp chop


Rhoda said...

Sorry to hear that you were feeling poorly for so long :( We have been teaching Brooke in the box too!! I need to film it but as you say its hard to train and film as well! Sonic is such a handsome little boy, can't wait to see him next weekend. I put some pics on facebook of Brooke but don't know how to tag you in them as taken on video camera and they upload different to normal pics :D Hugs to the shelties xx

Sara said...

Sonic is doing awesome with his training!

Ricky the Sheltie said...

sounds like they are both making good progress! must be exhausting to have 2 sheltie pups at the same time - you are very brave and patient!

Vonnie said...

They both are very :) &clever puppies.