Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Little Scottish Holiday Part 2

Happy 16th week to Sonic and sister Brooke
I had a good night sleep, not surprised with waking up early on Friday morning but I misjudged my alarm clock in the morning! I woke up an hour early before the alarm clock buzzer and starting my morning chaos ... the poor boys didn't understand why they have to wake up early again! After taking Sonic to toilet; then coming back to the hotel to feed them and go out for a good long walk and return to realise it is only 6am! Doh! Knowing me, I won't be able to go back to bed again, that is very annoying as I am still tired from travelling!

As the hotel only serves Breakfast from 7:30am, eventhough we request an early breakfast. I guess they are not used to serving early breakfast, so I didn't have time for my cook breakfast but I did quickly grab a toast and a bowl of cereal. Diet start from there!

After picking up Matt & Rhoda and they shelties, we head towards East Lothian Agility Show. I have entered Sizzle in the Champ class. For various reason, it didn't go well for me and Matt & Rhoda. The three of us got eliminated at the Champ Jumping. I think it is unfair for Matt as his running order with Bracken is 16 but he was called at number 4! I was in the queue as I have early running order with Sizzle. Knowing what the Champ is like, my panic set in as they called his name. I told the caller he is here and he is getting his dog ... well, as you guess, Matt got confused and ran from the carpark with poor little Brax tagging behind him. In they go ... all went well and suddenly it fell apart. I was devastated for them. Guess what? Later, he found out that these people has meesed up his ticket! His actual running order is number 16 and somehow they enter Brodie who supposed to be a medium under his name!!! Arrrggghhh ...

Well, my mistake is totally a handler mistake. I forgot to do a front cross before the pull through and I managed to save that but then when I ran into the box and realised I should layer the box which I didn't so Sizzle took the wrong jump and got eliminated!

here is the Champ Jumping:

I haven't got anymore videos on my camera but Rhoda had video us, so hopefully I am able to share a link later when she finished uploading them. The Champ Agility didn't go well either. I was rushing to get into position and was running diagonal to the bottom of the Dog Walk and he missed the jump before the cloth tunnel so we got a refusal, otherwise it was lovely run. I was especially proud of him doing a beautiful DW contact as it was a sharp left jump after that and I wasn't able to get there and have to work from far behind and my timing was just right. So, no final for us this time.

I've also entered him in two individual Agility run. In one of the Agility run, we got eliminated, I cannot remembered why but I am sure it is my stupid handling mistake and we got 3rd in the other Agiltiy run after a detour! Mmmm ... I think I need to wake up before my run!

We finished before 12, what a bliss! We took it casually and got back to Gullane around 2pm. It is less than 10 miles between the Hotel and the showground. We got a light lunch in the hotel, then we took the dogs back to Rhoda's dad and let them run around ... I wish all agility shows are as relax as this one.

Sonic and Brooke are 16 weeks on Saturday, so they are officially allow out near the competition rings. Sonic gets very excited watching the dogs doing agility especially those excited Border Collies. Many times, he nearly pulled my arm off when he sees them weaving, up the contacts and zoom into the tunnel. At one point, we were stranding behind a judge judging. He barked uncontraollably when the judge clap her hands for clear rounds!

I played tug and did tricks with him around the rings too to get him distracted and he was a very good boy. I am very happy with him. His focusing on me is very good as well as he is alert on what is going on in the ring. 

here are more random photos of the pupz playing in the garden:

 Matt and his girls
 Brax: Oooi! That's my daddy!

 and of course daddy Matt made up for little Brooke :)

 and these pictures made me smile everytime I look at it. Brax wanted Sizzle's toy. Sizzle being a gentlemen has been very gentle with her but little Miss feisty has other thought ...
 Sizzle: I don't mind sharing it with you ...
Brax: I don't think so ...
 Brax: It is MINE!
 Sizzle: alright, ladies first!
 ... but not for very long ...
 now the pupz want it!
 Sonic is determined!

 tired out!
 such tough life for a puppy, he was too tired to chew and fell asleep with the hoof stuck in his mouth. 
Ahhhh ...

While they are soundly asleep, I met up with Matt, Rhoda, Yvonne and her mum for a nice dinner in the hotel, catching up news and gossip ... hehehe


Vonnie said...

Yes there was something in the air I woke up at the wrong time too! Yes, it was a bit of a pain they said they did earlier on request then it was not much earlier. Such a shame about champ poor Matt :( Sonic LOL!

Vonnie said...

Meant to say it was lovely sitting relaxing having a meal with you all.