Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Little Scottish Holiday Final Part

Sadly, all good times has to come to an end. I checked out quite early so I can take the dogs for a good walk before another long journey home. The weather has been very good for us over the weekend and now it begiining to show the real Scottish weather, cold and rain! Luckily, both Sonic and Sizzle are tough shelties.
Sizzle is leaving his paw print ...

I took them down to the beach again on Monday morning, they have a good running around chasing birds. Sonic has learned his chasing crow skill from Sizzle this trip. He was so into it.

We left Gullane around 1pm and I got home at 11pm. I really miss Scotland, what a beautiful place to be. I can't wait for our proper Scottish holiday in August!!!
before you ask, these are Brax & Brodie's sheltie butts!!! I just loved this photo!

 Goodbye Scotland, til August!


Vonnie said...

More brill pics :) Not long till August:)

Jolanda said...

I just love those beach photos!