Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Little Scottish Holiday Part 1

I did the share driving with Matt & Rhoda to East Lothian last weekend. I took Sizzle and Sonic with me and they took all theirs. Matt & Rhoda stayed at Rhoda's dad and I booked in The Mallard Hotel less than a mile from them. We decided to miss the heavy traffic, so I woke up at 2am on Friday morning and drove up to them. We set off to our long exciting journey at 4am with Matt continue the driving and later changeover to Rhoda. The dogs were brilliant with this extremely long journey especially the two puppies. They slept most of the way and have been an angel.

We did a couple of stops to stretch our legs and the last one before our destination, we stopped at Bamburgh in Northumberland. Oh, what a beautiful place, it is just like a heaven for the dogs that just did a long journey. We walked around the village to Bamburgh Castle and down to the beach! All five shelties were very happy running around ...
Sizzle posing in front of Bamburgh Castle
Catch me if you can ... with Sizzle leading ahead and Bracken and Brooke chasing him :)
 Catch me if you can ... little Brooke is catching up with big brother Brodie
Catch me if you can ... 3/4 brother to Brodie, Sizzle looks so alike in a smaller frame, so this sometimes confused little Brooke but she loves uncle Sizzle anyway.
 Or ... Sonic also muddled up with uncle Brodie thinking he is little brother Sizzle :)
Sonic: I am going to catch up with you, bro Sizz!
 can you see the similarity in Sizzle and Brodie?
 poor Sizzle been round up by the crazy girls!!
 Sizzle: come and get me then, girls!

and here are some random action shots from the pupz:

 Brooke is having fun her daddy
 handsome Sizzle, whether he is running with his ball or just posing :)
 ... and so do Sonic. Oh I know I am bias :D

We got to Rhoda's dad just passed mid-day and we had a relaxing lunch/tea break with them and my two lucky boys got to borrow a lovely big garden to run around ... again!

let the pictures speak for themselves:

We then head to our hotel for the day as we are all too tired ... we had a quick meeting up with Yvonne who has Sizzle's sister Ellie and Khandi, also joined us in the same hotel.

 poor Sizzle are just too tired to carry on ...

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