Friday, July 29, 2011

pups-date ... and other news

Our pretty girl Scara is 26 weeks old today! I can't believe she is with us for 9 weeks now! She is a joy to be with, always happy and crazy. There will be NO still moment when she is around. She only do cuddles with daddy but when she is with me, she is always on the GO. We both love her very much, she made us laugh a lot with her little antics.

It is not easy to take a still picture of her, I have to wait for her to run and run and run ... when she slows down, she may stand still for a second before she goes again. This picture was taken when she is 24 weeks old. Not much changes in her apart from she has more coat now.

At the age of six months, she is under 12 inches, she hasn't grow much since we have her! I thought Sizzle will be the smallest sheltie that we ever own but now Scara is even smaller than my little man, not alot though.

 this is more like the "usual" Scara, always bouncing away

Our trick training is improving ... I have to wait for the right moment to train her. WHY girls are so difficult to train? She is always too enthusiastic, too eager, too keen ... isn't that sounds good? But, I need her to "settle" and be quiet for a moment to look at me and offer me a behaviour. Anyway, I finally found a way to train her! YEAH for myself and GOOD GIRL for Scara!

She is still extremely car sick! We have been travelled everyday, even just a 5 minutes journey, she will be sick all over. I have tried putting her in the car for 5 minutes and not even start the car engine but she will drool and drool and drool ... at first, I thought it was her teething but now all her adult teeth are coming through now, so I am not sure why she is still sick. I even feeding her in the car. She ate all her food while drooling and then she threw them all out. Mmmm ... I think our Scotland trip will be fun!

this is our two crazy girls after racing up and down the garden!

Mai boy Sonic will be 19 weeks tomorrow, he is all legs at the moment, no coat, lanky! He is still teething. I was playing tug with him at training yesterday and somehow I managed to pull one of this tooth out! He looked "shock" and I saw his tooth on the ground. He must be embarrassed of himself as he wanted to swallow the tooth but I was quick to pick it up! Poor boy! I thought he will gone off tug for a while but he turned around and ask for more. That's my boy!

 this photo was taken at 18 weeks old in Mitcham Common

 his retrieving skill is getting better each day and he loves his toy very much, any toy!

Our Caerphilly trip has been a big stepping stone for him. He is nothing like his daddy Sing, he hates water just like Brooke. Whenever we walked through a puddle, he could slam his break so hard to avoid the puddle and he never go near the pond or any open water! At Caerphilly, he saw his daddy, uncles and Scara in the river and he decided that's fun, so he went in with them. This picture was taken on Monday, the day after we came back from Caerphilly. Daddy Sing as usual, dive into the pond (when he is allowed) and he just could not content himself anymore. This is the furthest he will go but hopefully when we go to Scotland on holiday next week, daddy will teach him how to swim!

 father and son

 the boys' game

 Sonic: hehehe ... I've got it!

 watching the birds ... another bird chaser!

lanky stage

I woke up 4am on Wednesday to drive up to Norwich to pick up Sunny. Its 3 hours drive each way, so I am dead tired after we got home at 4:30pm. We met up with Sally who has Tig (Sing x Samber's first litter) for a nice walk in the forest. Tig is more and more like daddy Sing. Her coat colour is changing, she used to be a pale sable but now the colour richest and her marking is just like Sing's. Oh and she has a big coat just like Sing too. Poor Samber has no coat, hopefully she will grow in time for the winter.
what a perfect family!

 I treid to get a picture of Sing & Samber and their pups from two different litters. As you can see, not very successful, why the parents are obedient and their children are not?

you can see Tig's coat is like Sing's.

 father and son! Oh, I forgot to mention, Sonic seems to forgot Samber is his mama. He used to glue to her but when he sees her, I was really surprised that he is not interested in her at all. Samber didn't even think he is her son! Weird!!!

 Water baby Scara loves every puddles!!!

 what Lily likes the best? Jump into every puddle and play with it. Look at her?

Sunny is back to mate to Sing ... hopefully we are expecting some beautiful babies from them.
 who fancy who?


Sara said...

Your pups are growing up so well.

Oreo used to get terribly sick in the car. He did outgrow it when he was a little over a year old.

Ricky the Sheltie said...

It's fun to hear how Sonic and Scara are doing - very cute puppies and such handfuls!

Vonnie said...

Wow where does the time go! Love the pics :)

Priscilla said...

All I can say is ...