Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Little Scottish Holiday Part 3

Sizzle and his sister wee Ellie. They are so alike, must be twin!

Agility on Sunday didn't go well either. I am not sure if I was over excitred or over tired, either way, my mind wasn't concentrating! I loved the Agility course on Sunday, something unusual for a change. There is a TABLE in the course! God! I have never seen a table since I started competing with any of my dogs. We have not train table at club but I have a table at home. I taught my dogs to jump on and lie down on table, I teach them as a separate obstacle and never put them in a sequence. I am not sure what Sizzle thinks about it when he sees the table. Sadly, the judge didn't apply the rule of the table properly. She said, the dog has to jump on the table in the correct direction and then jump off to continue the next obstacle, NO sit/down/pause. I was in two minds. I knew the table rule is that the dog needs to sit or down for 5 seconds before doing the next obstacle. I wanted to teach Sizzle properly as who knows one day we might see a proper table in a competition. But, as a competitor, I saw many dogs in front of us ran fast clear and I wanted to be able to clear in a fast time too as I have not have any clear round this weekend. I did a quick down and go but I was facing the wrong direction and Sizzle back jump the next obstacle, so we got eliminated. That's a shamed as he then went on to run the course perfectly. Later, the judge came to comment to me that Sizzle is a fantastic little dog. I am so proud of him.

 Sizzle and Ellie
 Brodie is 3/4 brother to Sizzle and Ellie

There were a Flyball qualifier going on at noon. I took Sonic out to watch those crazy Collies doing Flyball. He wasn't fazed by the noise and madness of those Collies running in full power, he watched a few of them and then decided he want to lie down and go back to bed.

For various reasons, the three of us decided we will not run the last class and wanted to go home. Later in the evening, we took the shelties for a walk on the beach ... I think that suits us very well. Watching the puppies enjoying themselve is the most wonderful thing in the world.

the agile little girl:

and this is my clumsy little boy:


 Matt trying heelwork with the pupz ...
Sonic was too excited!
 Rhoda showing off a good heelwork with Brooke
 Sonic wanted to join in as well ...
 big reward for good puppies :)
 Brax: you told me you love me but you are leaving me for the younger one!!!


Vonnie said...

Those two are defo twins, it's scary LOL! Great pics love to see Shelties having a blast!

Diana said...

Man, I cant believe you all have never had a table in competition. I wish we didnt have a table. LOL Sorry about your run. Great pictures of the dogs. Looks like lots of dog fun.

Magic Paws said...

The photos are breathtaking - loving the update on Scotland