Wednesday, May 04, 2011

"big" dogs update and out of control puppies!

Well, Sipzie's season is over for another time. The boys were behaving beautifully during her season, no howling, no fighting, no whatsoever ... I think I am a very lucky person to be able to have entire males and females living in the same house. I have so many people warned me about having entire males and females before I have a girl and to be honest, I was worried. So far, I have 3/4 bitches came into season since 2009, we've been through at least 3 seasons in a year and each and everytime, the boys were the BEST boys ever you can wish for!

Unfortunately, Sipzie didn't cope well with her season. She was very moody and miserable like the first season she had in last September. I cannot get her to show interest in agility at all (and even her favourite tug and orbee) a few days before she came into season. I took her to UKA Prested Hall show three weeks ago, she was totally beside herself. She can't stop peeing since she got out the car and all the way to the agility rings. I've checked her, there were definitely no sign of blood. I tried to run her in the Steeplechase ring, she ran in her snail pace :( I tied to encourage/motivate her but I just can't get her going ... at the end, I just gave up and feel very sad for myself. I don't know what went wrong between us. Then, she came into season the following day, so I put in down as PMT.

I am off to Beacon this Saturday, I have entered Sizzle and Sipzie, hopefully she will want to do agility with me, otherwise I have to rethink what I am going to do with her.

Since she is done with her season, she now rejoin the boys and have freedom to the whole house again. She was very gentle and sweet with Silky last year, so I thought I will let her play with the puppies but to my surprised, she got very rough and frightened the pups. This morning, she bit Sonic for her hoof, poor boy was screaming, it must be hurt and shocked for him. All the boys have been very gentle with them, if they do not like the puppies, they just walked off or just showing their teeth, nothing in action. Sonic and Brooke both learned from the expression and they have been very good to leave the big boys alone. I wasn't happy with Sipzie for biting Sonic for the hoof, I never thought she will do that. Then, later, I don't know why or how but she bit Sonic yet another time. I didn't see what happened before; now I am more aware of her and the puppies. Again, in the afternoon, for no reason, she just dive into the tunnel and had a go at Sonic. Poor Sonic! Luckily he is a tough boy and got over it very quickly but I am not liking it. For now, each time I let the puppies out, I have to keep Sipzie away.

As for Sing, I am so happy to see him being so happy again. He has been poorly for a long time. His shoulder/paw injury was up and down. One minute it looks ok, the next, he is limping and in pain. I tried to restrict him from playing tennis ball and diving into the water for as much as I can. At one point, he was so bad that I thought I am going to loose him. He was on anti-inflammatory tablets for three months; then the vet suggested carthrophen jabs. He had the 4th jab last week but he was limping so badly that my vet Kevin thought we probably didn't treat the illness after all these months. I was very upset, he is my one and only boy. He is so special to me. All these "back on track" jacket/cushion, massage, medications didn't seems to help him ...

I was at Vyne on Monday with Sizzle. Since I only have one dog to run so I have time to go around shopping. There was a trade stand for "Bioflow", the advertisement board attracted me ... so I went in for an enquiry about the ache and pain I have. They recommended me this bracelet and I thought I have nothing to loose, I can try for 3 months and if I am not satisfy, I will have a full refund. I then saw them have the dog collar as well, my mind immediately goes to Sing. Again, I have nothing to loose.

I can feel the different after 24 hours wearing the bracelet. I am sure Sing feels the same as I finally see the sparks in his eyes that I haven't seen for a long long time. Kevin and I have doubt we treated him correctly as we don't know if he is in pain or not? Sing is a tough dog, he don't show any sign when I took him to the vet and if I observed him carefully when he is quiet, I maybe able to catch something but I am no vet, so I can't really tell what exactly went wrong with him.

Today, Sing is so happy and bouncy when we go walking. Sometimes, for a 40min walk, I have to carry him home as he struggled to make it. I wanted to leave him at home but Sing is the kind of dog that he will work til he drops, he would not want to stay at home, so our walks became shorter for him.
my darling boy

Oh! These two puppies are out of control!!! They are so wild, I am feeling exhausting chasing them!!! I bought a new tunnel from Vyne. I thought I will treat myself for another tunnel. The puppies love it (BTW, I am not buying the tunnel for the puppies). Brooke was the first one to try it out, then she and Sonic were both in and out of the tunnel chasing each other!

Oh! And the cat, she is not helping me to keep the puppies under control. Both Brooke and Sonic like her so much, each time when they see Vindi, they've gone to chase her. I guess Vindi is the only animal that will play with them at the moment. You cannot imagine how wild the cat is, so I've been chasing the puppies that chasing the cat all day long!!!

 And here are a couple of videos to keep you entertain for now :)))
 This is crazy Sonic and his talk ball. You cannot believe he was scared of a talk toy before!

 and this is crazy me playing with the crazy pups :)))
more puppies update later, now I need to go entertain the hooligans!


Sara said...

Poor Sing. It is so hard to see them have to slow down.

I think I have to get my little hooligan (Chewy) a talk ball. He was very interested when we watched the video together.

Ricky the Sheltie said...

The puppies are getting cuter all the time! Poor Sonic - hope he is not afraid of Sipzie. Maybe she still doesn't feel herself. And I hope Sing feels better with his new collar - the photos of him in the flowers are beautiful!

Rhoda said...

I really think Bioflow stuff works, I had some leg wraps for my old horse and they really helped with bad leg. I love the photos of Sing - he is sooo handsome!

I could watch Brooke and Sonic playing all day, they are adorable!! :) xx

Vonnie said...

LOL those pups are crazy! Ellie was trying to find where the noise was coming from the laptop LOL!

My friend uses bioflow braclet for her back, helps her emensley!

Poor Sing didn't realise how bad he is - he just battles on.

Anakin Man said...

me likes 'da out of control puppies-
too cutes-

Anakin Man